As the Roll Turns

Some things are just kinda hard to do in a 24′ foot RV.

Like making sushi and spring rolls. Our rig just lacks the elbow room and storage space to make these tasty bite sized delights.

When we had a stick house and lived on the Pacific, we could buy fresh albacore and wild caught salmon right from the boats. So we got into sushi roll making and loved it.

Once we hit the road, we gave up making sushi. There’s just something about eating raw fish in the middle of the country that’s just scary. Plus we just didn’t have room to carry our funky Japanese dinnerware.

When we returned this year, we picked up the bamboo mat once again and started where we left off, minus the sashimi. Instead we’re going for barbecued salmon and krab meat. It’ll do us just fine until we touch the Pacific shores again.

Back to the Beach

The weather’s going well for us this year (fingers crossed). By this time last year, we had been dumped on with 3 feet of snow. This year, all we’ve had is one snow flurry, and no rain (which is pissing Jim off after digging trenches and putting up gutters!).

We’re slowly getting prepped to skeedattle on out of here. Which could happen in as little as a week or not until the end of the month. This time of year, the weather is a roll of the dice. This weekend and next we’ll be busy getting the rig ready for a fast escape.

So far, we’re betting on not leaving until the end of October, then heading out to Washington and working our way to L.A. after seeing some special three legged friends. But it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

I hope the weather lasts. It’s great seeing the transition to fall, especially after living in one-season California. Watching the aspens change and feeling the subtleties of the season puts you in touch with the power of nature.

We just can’t leave yet. We have far too much to do here, and I really like these sushi rolls!

14 thoughts on “As the Roll Turns”

  1. Sam and I both love sushi but have never even tried making them ourselves. Maybe when you’re on the road again you can stop by and give us a lesson! We haven’t done too much fixing up around here this summer. We’re waiting for the weather to get cooler. Enjoy your last days at your home w/o wheels.

    • It’s so funny, I was thinking the other day how silly it is of me to think that our RV is too small to make sushi, when it’s probably bigger than most Japanese houses!

      Sure, we just might take you up on that! Look out for two sushi chefs on the run..

  2. Rene:
    If you and Jim make it to Seattle (we’re an hour from there) on your journey, drop us an email and maybe we could meet up for dinner or something. It would be fun to meet in person. We’re away from home all of October, 10 days in November, and one week in December, then we leave for Baja in early January (yes, Baja — NOT the mainland!), but if we happen to be at home when you wander through Washington, we’d love to meet you guys.
    Cathryn and Bob


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