Summer in the Rockies; Could be Worse

It’s been a quiet week up here at Crystal Lakes . . .

Quiet summer is more like it. Usually. Our moutain abode is one hour from anywhere, and other than the times when weekenders come and inhabit their cabins and stupidly leave food out for the bears, there’s not a lot of excitement up here.

Oh wait, there is an occasional moose and rare wildflower sighting. Now that’s excitement!

We go to town once a week for Wyatt’s bad-boy dog schooling and stock up on provisions. The one hour trip to town is an all-day event.

Otherwise summer’s been spent working on projects for our other entrepreneurial endeavors that will bring in millions for us (hey I can always hope!).

And while the rest of the country swelters in blistering August heat, we are wearing sweats in the morning and long sleeves in the afternoon. A touch of fall is in the air and although afternoon temperatures are in the low 70s, there’s a chill in the air every morning. We are at 8,400 feet elevation after all.

It’s amazing to think how quickly summer flies by in the Rockies, but that’s what makes this place so beautiful. Nothing lasts long enough around here for us to take it for granted.

Including my best girlfriend Renee, who moved back to California a few weks ago. I’m so bummed that she left but we’ll see her again when we head to warmer climates in winter.

But, just this week, fellow road tripper friends Lisa and Sean have decided to lay down some roots in Fort Collins for a while, so that’ll be fun.

This is the first summer we’ve had in years that feels peaceful, beautiful and in sync with all that we treasure in this world.

The feeling isn’t so much because we’re staying put and getting into a routine (we are already talking about where we’re going to spend winter). It’s because we feel like we belong here. This is the first place we’ve ever lived where it feels like our hearts are meant to be here.

The Rockies are being very, very good to us and we are grateful. Thank you Jerry.

9 thoughts on “Summer in the Rockies; Could be Worse”

  1. Just saw you video of salvation mountain

    Beautifull work!

    I would love to know : Who is the singer/ musician in this video? Loved this haunting voice.

    Did you film while listening to the song?

    Totally gorgeous work alltogether

  2. This sounds so nice! I love Red Feather Lakes area! We live in Loveland and I am sooooooo ready to get out of this neighborhood and into the hills a bit! I dream of quiet!!
    So nice to read this!

    • Suzy, thanks for commenting. Maybe we can meet up someday! I have a Mom friend who just moved to Fort Collins and sent her your URL, I think she’d dig your blog!

  3. Sounds so great. We need to visit you one of these days. I am at peace since I haven’t worked this summer. But, that isn’t as peaceful as you guys are. Reading your blog gives piece of mind and makes me peaceful. Miss you!

  4. I’m glad to hear you’re having a great summer. We are here too. We’re also thinking about where we’ll go once we start traveling again. We’ve decided we want to travel in spring and summer.


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