Are you LinkedIn?

Sunset over our site Three Rivers Campground near Tularosa, NMI signed up for NüRVers because it has to be the best social networking portal for fulltime RVers who break the stereotypical fulltimer mold. But then again, it must be the only one too. Aside from RVblogz, that is.

We have social sites for every segment of society. René is into her tweets and Facebook. Jerry lives on at Twitter, Dogster and ZooToo. I just keep my LinkedIn profile fresh.

If I have my way, I’ll never have to use my connections to land a job working for somebody else ever again. But LinkedIn is one social business network that makes a nice little safety net, if I ever had to dust of my résumé that is.

Its also a great way to keep in touch with old coworkers and colleagues. And I get a kick out of updating my status with things like “gone fishing” or “Heading South for the Winter” while others talk about provisioning servers or recontextualizing some brand paradigm to maximize market penetration.

Done that thanks. I’ll take my mobile lifestyle and workamping anyday. That’s why I started the LinkedIn Workampers Group. I also stumbled upon the RV Enthusiasts LinkedIn Group. If you’re LinkedIn, check ’em out. You won’t find me on Facebook.

1 thought on “Are you LinkedIn?”

  1. You won’t find me on Facebook.

    I hear you brother, but I get the feeling you hang around LinkedIn just to rub in your new position as a vagabond. Still, it’s my first and only choice in social networking. And now Twitter is tied to it!!


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