Casiokids: We were there when . . .

What a thrill to see that Casiokids are Amazon’s “Free Download of the Day.”

Who are Casiokids you ask? Only one of the best bands we saw last year at South By Southwest in Austin! What a thrill to know that we saw this quirky, 80’s-style Norwegian techno group when they were unknowns here in the U.S., playing in a parking lot where they had to throw free beer into the audience to get people to show up.

Ok, gotta admit, the free beer is why we stayed to check ’em out. But it worked! They left an impression on us, and we’re so glad to see they’re about to make it big here in the states.

Download their free MP3 and you’ll see why we loved them. Buy their vinyl album (or MP3s or CDs). Tell a friend. And remember, we saw them when they were nobody!


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