Spoonie, Where are You When Rhodester and Coffeesister Need You?

Our San Francisco days have been on our minds. Yesterday would have been our friend Spoonie’s 49th birthday.

Back in the day, his birthday celebration might have consisted of us sitting on the floor in his room eating a calzone. Then we would’ve persuaded him to get a drink at the Gold Cane. Once there, Spoonie would drink just long enough for Jim and I to get loud and talky with others. As soon as we turned away, he would pull his disappearing act and walk home down Haight Street, alone. Drinking in public just wasn’t his style.

Those days are long past, and our old city friends like Kris (Spoonie) all fled for other pastures. Which sucks, because we just learned that two very cool friends of ours, Rhodester and Coffeesister, are in dire need of a place to live in San Francisco.

They have to be out of their current place at the end of this week, and they have nowhere to go.

Rhodester and Coffeesister Want a Place to Live, Now!

Jim and I keep wracking our brains, trying to figure out if we know anyone who might have a room open in their house or know somebody who does, but we’re drawing a blank. So we’re asking you all to spread the word.

Rhodester (Dave) was laid off over a year ago, and  is collecting unemployment while job-seeking in SF. He’s a writer in real life but is looking for anything in hospitality or security to pay the bills. He’s also damn funny, and has previously been a professional mime, performer and radio personality. Coffeesister (Dorian) is a kind-hearted woman with a sharp pen who is also battling auto-immune issues without any health insurance coverage.

They’re looking for a room to rent, and they don’t need anything fancy. Wifi would be nice, as Dave works online. For now they’ll take what we can get as long as it’s in the City, and is accepting of their two very clean and awesome cats.

If Spoonie were here, I know he would open his gigantic heart and offer them a place to stay, even if was just on his couch. Like drinking at the bar, saying “no” to someone in need wasn’t his thing.

Do you happen to know anyone in San Francisco who’s as kind, and has a place for this awesome couple to rent? Humor and good company is included with their deposit.

16 thoughts on “Spoonie, Where are You When Rhodester and Coffeesister Need You?”

  1. Thanx again to everyone who wished us well, prayed, rooted for us, wrote this to begin with ~_^ & actually provided a desperately needed room for the past week! I wanted to update all you kind folks as we are no longer at Angelique’s; we canNOT thank her enough as we just had absolutely NOwhere else to go last Monday.. The Hotel that has been working with us since our arrival in the city 1 month ago simply had no openings but thankfully had a room as of last night so we’ve returned to the Mission District for a few days while we once again seek out someplace to stay amidst the ongoing process of finding even a temporary home.

    While our stay at Angelique’s may seem surprisingly short, we have yet to sort out our finances & wanted her to be able to rent the room we were in right away if possible. Therefore, tho’ we still have no answers & none of our leads have yet to pan out, staying with her simply as guests not only saved us immeasurably but wasn’t something we wanted to do any longer so as not to take advantage.

    Your continued good tho’ts & well wishes will be needed since this hotel only has a few nights open to accommodate us while we continue the search for a wee corner somewhere to even temporarily call ours until we can finally afford our own place. Thanx again everyone; God bless!!

    “Is it time to go home yet? I keep clicking these damn shoes, but nothing happens.” — Robin Hecht

    • Even though Kris was a proud atheist and would cringe at the thought of anyone thinking that his spirit is still around, I have to believe he was up to something here! So cool.

      • Just met with Angelique a while ago.. bet you didn’t know she has a one-eyed dog! His name is Rex, and he’s a pug. I was joking with her that Rex says,”Yeah so I got my nose pushed in and my eye poked out, but hell, you oughta see the other guy!”

        We’re packing now and trying to get our stuff up there. Logistics. Grrr..

  2. hey, I have a 4 bedrrom place one room sis studio size and connected to a fireplace living room, it’s with me and my kids but I have the kids only half time. I have not been getting the ususal response and was going to start a busienss from the room I described, but I have two rooms available really, another nice size one in the back as well. I estimate one to be 12 and half by 12 and a half overlooking the yard/garden and the other to be maybe 15 by 17. let me know, i could offer it temp or longterm, but the business is possibly being out to the side because it may be more immediate to rent a room and commit to other things, Angelique

    • I wanted to acknowledge Angelique in this blog thread and publicly thank her, even though we’re already spoken on the phone and are working something out. Just didn’t want people to think we didn’t respond to her insanely cool offer! Thanks Angelique!

      Dave (& Dorian)

    • Just talked to Angelique myself; thrilled & relieved to have made this connection! Despite not knowing Spoonie ourselves, we’ve long loved the stories of him & feel he’s smiling on us now. Angelique even related seeing a license plate in front of her in traffic amidst this connectivity that said “Go Kris” so clearly he’s participating! ~_~ Thanx to everyone.. thanx for the belief in us & understanding that fur-kids are NOT optional!!

      Here’s to meeting Angelique tomorning.. (|_|*ch33rs*|_|)

  3. Wish we had something for them. We are llama (& cat) friendly, especially if the llamas will spit on our extremely annoying tenants 😉

  4. I have been visiting your site, learning alot. When I was this post of your friends needing a place, the least i could do is paste it into a post on my blog on Tribe.net with a link back to here. i hope they find a place. tribe has a big San Fran group, so more eyes may help.

  5. Hi Rene–Sent this link to a kind and loving friend in SF. Wishing all good things your way and to your friends. Claire (& Kenny the Corgi from MySmartPuppy)

    • Claire, thank you so much, that’s so sweet of you. One of the big reasons they’re having a hard time finding an affordable place is their 2 kitties, but they are non-negotiable, they are part of their pack. As an animal lover I know you can relate.

      See you on MSP!

  6. Aw, Rene! You’re so awesome, thanks! Also thanks for not mentioning my Tourette’s that causes me to run up and down hallways at 3 in the morning shouting obscenities, or the fact that “cats” is the code word we use for Llamas. But they ARE clean and well behaved.

    So I guess you’ve forgiven me for lighting your RV on fire while trying to make crepes in a drunken stupor?


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