Glancing Back, Looking Forward

Our rig has been parked on the streets of L.A. for the last few weeks, while we catch up on the chisme with family and friends. Life here is as hectic and noisy as it gets, and every day Jim and I are reminded of why we chose to leave urban living behind.

We started 2009 with one goal; find Jerry’s Acres. Seven months into it, we did. Our Colorado retreat now sits underneath several feet of snow, waiting for our return.

With that behind us, we’re getting the other big part of our life in order, namely, making a real income again.

Our defnition of “real income” is different from most people’s. While we would love to be able to spend money on the finer things in life (like picking up a $20 bottle of wine instead of our old standard, Two Buck Chuck), we also aren’t willing to surrender our freedom in order to do so. My very short gig at Satan’s Castle was a good reminder about that.

People wonder, what do we do. How do we make any money? Well, we don’t do any one particular thing anymore. We don’t want to have one business again. And we don’t want to rely on one job to bring in money. We believe that putting all of your eggs in one basket is risky business, much moreso than varying your skills and finding multiple ways to generate income.

For us now, tiny bits of money trickle in from various web-based outlets that utilize our technical, design and writing skills. In 2010, we’ll work on building up our income revenue streams in these areas.

The money is iffy, the hours are long and uncertainty always looms over our heads, but we are much happier than we ever were in our previous lives. While we are still officially in the red and dipping into savings, I know that 2010 will be the year we are back in black, finally. It would be great if we could actually contribute to our retirement accounts once more. When that happens, I’ll know that we’ve truly been successful these last two and a half years.

On that note, I’ll say “Adios!” to 2009, and give 2010 a great big welcome. May this year bring the prosperity, joy and peace that we all need more of in our lives.

And many thanks to all of you for being a part of our world. Life would be pretty boring without you!

12 thoughts on “Glancing Back, Looking Forward”

  1. I just read this post. It’s almost 2011 now. I took a break from RVing and dipping into savings this year and parked myself in Grad School (to take advantage of student loans). It’s challenging to stay in one place after traveling for several years.

    SO in reflection, how did 2010 pan out?

    Happy Travels, and Happy and Fortunate 2011

    • Jake, I think that 2010 was our year for getting our income pursuits off to a solid start. For us, it gave us the ability to find a real direction in where we want to go for the forseeable future. We also did a fair amount of exploring last winter before heading back to Colorado for summer, but it definitely wasn’t enough. We’re hoping to have a few more adventures this time out!

      Best of luck to you in Grad school! Keep in touch.


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