Another Almost Property

We were hoping to follow up that last post about fixer-uppers with the news that we finally found this perfect little project home. Alas, it too, was almost perfect.

Crystal Lakes Colorado Fixer UpperPerfect in every way except that our offer was denied! Would you believe, in this economy, in rural Colorado, there are bidding wars going on for fixer upper homes? This place had everything going for it. And for us. Three plus acres, good access, well, septic, ample parking, a great garage, and a cute cabin in serious need of manageable repairs.

This forclosure had been vacant for months and was only on the market for two days when we saw it. After rushing back to town we discovered others were interested so we placed a solid offer above the asking price. But someone else’s offer was obviously better. That deal can always fall through … but we’re not keeping our hopes up. That way they won’t be shot down again.

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8 Responses to “Another Almost Property”

  1. That looks like a SWEET little house in the woods. I love the shape.

  2. Only two years? PHHHT! I’m not clear on “the plan” after fifty.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement everyone. We just keep telling ourselves the universe has a plan for us and it hasn’t made itself apparent yet. But sheesh, you’d think after two years….

  4. Well, as one who’s sold property I’ll tell you exactly what’s going on – only two days on the market and already offers (multiple) for above the asking price? Dream come true for whoever bought that note – problem is they’re into buying foreclosures and turning them over (I’m guessing, right?) so it’s all about how much they can make on this deal. No other factors come into play. They’re probably willing to sit it out and see how far it goes rather than jump on a good offer such as yours in order to dump it and move on.

    Yeah, it will be a bidding war, unfortunately.

    Looks nice – can we stay in the cabin when we visit after you win?

  5. oh man, i’m sorry to hear that! the right place just hasn’t presented itself yet! there’s a reason for everything, right? fingers crossed for you guys! 🙂

  6. Keep looking, it’s out there. A frustrating process often means the end result will be more to your liking.

  7. Argh!! How frustrating but at least you’re getting closer!


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