Frugal Livin’ at Austin’s SXSW Festival

If you’re familiar with Austin’s South by Southwest music festival, you know that it took place in mid March. It’s now mid-April. So as you can see, we’re a little behind in our postings but hey, we’re busy out here on the road.

We were so stoked to finally catch this scene. The whole city comes out for it, and they’re really quite welcoming to the hordes that show up from around the country, clog the streets, and run around showing off their prestigious wristbands to bartenders.

And while you can pay the high ticket price and get into some really incredible shows during the festival, there’s plenty of great bands, free music and free beer (I told you Texans know how to party!) to catch on just about every block. We rode our bikes all around town with Skinny Chef and Flux (thanks you two!), and sampled some great tunes, all for F-R-E-E! Here’s a sampling . . .

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5 Responses to “Frugal Livin’ at Austin’s SXSW Festival”

  1. Colorado or Bust!! Sending Tony out next week to look for a job and we will follow after school gets out. We’ll try it for a year then hopefully stay. CA won’t have the Abels to kick around anymore!!

    I’ll look you up when we get there.

  2. That can’t possibly be the same state that produced George W. Bush, and tell me that it ain’t over for King of the Hill. Sniff.

  3. I sounds like you two are having a great time in TX. We’d love to catch some of those festivals some year. Sam and I are now in western NC. We’re getting ready to do a 50 mile section of the Appalachian Trail. I’m excited about hiking long distance again. It’s been a long time!


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