Living it up at Landa.

NuRVers dine out at Gristmill in Gruene, TXI called that first NüRVers Rally Review “part one” because nearly everyone who attended moved on to Landa RV Park in New Braunfels and they talked us to joining them. We ended up staying a month.

Needless to say, there were quite few more get-togethers with the Nü Crew. But thankfully, not nearly as debaucherous.

Landa was the first RV Park where we ever stayed a full month. And when the month was over, we were definitely ready to go. Don’t get me wrong, the company of fellow NüRVers was great, and the price was right. But you get what you pay for at Landa.

Landa RV Park Train Bridge New Braunfels, TXA month paid for in advance at Landa RV Park only cost you $225. I’ll do the math for you. That’s $7.50 per night, for full hookups. Utilities are not included, but we only paid another $50 and were comfortable running our heater and air conditioner plenty. More math averages out to about $9.17 per night for our full month in New Braunfels.

That’s cheap! Especially considering we could float down the Comal river from our doorstep and walk to nearby bars, restaurants and stores in old town, including the oldest bakery in Texas.

Landa RV Park Train New Braunfels, TXBut stay longer than an hour or two at Landa and you find out why its so cheap. The train. Or trains, rather. Loud ones, that rumble right through the park. Many times a day.

We left nearly a month ago and I still hear them in my sleep. I fear our stay may have killed the romance of a distant train whistle for me, for good. But I am digressing.

If you’re hanging out with NüRVers, it’s a good thing you’re staying somewhere cheap. Because you’ll end up spending money on other things, like good food and alchohol. Once again, a good time was had by all, and we look forward to another fun gathering some time down the road. Just not at Landa.

19 thoughts on “Living it up at Landa.”

  1. WOW!!!!! I grew up going to Landa and thought it was great..Yes there were better spots than others in the campground but as i grew older and had a family opf my own returned to the LOVE HATE RV park… LAUGH. We put pennies on the track and crossed those son— of a ——-many drunken WURSTFEST nights!ILOVETHISPLACE good or bad….Many MEMORIES glad u ran across it.Just bought a pop-up after “IKE” and ready to test it at LANDA WISH ME LUCK for the price ITS THA PLACE oh yeah and we can walk to NAEGLEANS the BEST BAKERY IN TEXAS byecycle

  2. We stayed here July 13 at site 514 right on the water. Beautiful water except the site was just about to slide into the water. We had to prop up our motorhome on one side so we didn’t slide into the water. What a waste, this could be a beautiful park but they let everyone and their brother use the water so it is very crowded during the day and the trains run at night. I wish someone would buy this place and fix it up, get rid of the long timers (shown in the video) and make it a respectible place for families where you want to stay a month!

  3. I had to laugh at your video. We’ve stayed at places like that! In fact, we’re kind of staying at one of those places right now. At 10.00/night with hookups (even free cable and wifi) you can’t beat it.

  4. Holy crap! How did you handle all that racket for a month? Oh, I know….lots of tasy beverages, right?

    Wonder what was there first…the railroad or the campground???

  5. I had a three day stay in Modesto this month and even inside the Doubletree Hotel with double pane windows on the 8th floor, that midnight train sounded like it was coming through the bathroom!!

    I grew up with distant train whistles five miles away, and most of the time this brings back pleasant memories. However, when you are practically sleeping on the tracks, it’s like a war zone every time that damned thing passes.

    Choo, choo, my ass !!

  6. O MY….That video had me in stitches and was only half over..LOL..The screetching of the breaks and such..I should have turned down my volume!! I don’t know if i could handle a month of that unless…(sing*)Roll out the Barrels. We were so close in pulling our rig over for the NüRVers get together and meeting the Nu crew. Did Kev say that it will be an annual thing?


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