Emmy and the Elepent

Emmy reviews new Charger for his car columnDuring the first “official” NüRVers get-together at the Lazy L & L, we had the chance to interview a handful of young fulltime RVers and share how they make a living on the road.

We ended up only making one movie.

Basically, because we were headed back to Landa where most of the Nü Crew was saying for a while. Or, it might have been the Mai Tais.

We’ll try to catch some of them with videos to come, but I digress.

Meet Emmy (aka; emmymau):

NuRVer Lexy going clubbing in San AntonioEmmy and the lexmachine travel fulltime while writing and photographing, respectively. And while enjoying the cross country club scene, together .

No, that sweet ride is not their toad. It’s a test car he will write about for his automotive review column at their elepent blog. Then he has to give it back.

Bummer, but I’m sure he’ll have some another classy chassis lined up to test drive, somewhere down the road. Sweet ride. Sweet gig. Sweet people.

So, what’s an elepent? If you ask me it’s great name with a cute history. Stay tuned for more insight on how others live life on the road. How do you do it?

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