The One Thing We Can’t Live Without

Recently, two friends hit the road. Being new to the RV lifestyle, they asked us if we can name one practical thing that we packed, which just can’t live without. After giving it some thought, we figured it out:

Our cast iron skillets.

Back in our stick house, we had a whole collection of Griswold and Lodge Cast Iron Cookwear. But seeing as they’re kind of heavy, we decided to bring just two of our favorites. We packed our 10″ chef’s pan, and an omlette pan, in addition to one fancy Calphalon pan that we rarely use.

Cast iron is so versatile, and not very expensive. You can use these pans for stovetop cooking, baking, broiling and even over a campfire. And because you don’t need a lot of water to clean them up, they’re great for boondocking. Our Calphalon pan isn’t nearly that versatile.

Best. Cookwear. Ever.

8 thoughts on “The One Thing We Can’t Live Without”

  1. Its been a long while since I have had any cast iron. But with all the Cheap and expensive cookware I have purchased over the years I’m ready to go back to it!

    Maybe this is a dumb question (cast iron should be cast iron), but are there and brands too look out for (good or bad)?


    • Not a dumb question at all. There are a lot of cheap ones coming out of China. The brands to look out for are Lodge and Le Cruset.

      There’s a great brand called Griswold (we have one), but I believe they have been out of business since the 60s, and the only place you can get them are 2nd hand stores. Keep an eye out. If you see one priced cheap, grab it. They are collectors and worth $$.

  2. I am a newbie to the set of cast irons I picked up from a lady in Columbus when we were camping there through Craigslist. I love doing sauteed veggies in my. I also was able to make a mean Pad Thai in it! I love mine too~

    Hello from Phoenix – JacQ

  3. Our Calphalon pan isnโ€™t nearly that versatile.

    Perhaps, but I’m not about to make your favorite pesto cream sauce in cast iron. Some things just need stainless steel.

    Why didn’t share the recipe for your yummy orzo with fresh greens skillet dish (pictured)? Maybe because it’s always different, I guess. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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