Why We Love Cats and Dogs: Thank You Ellen, Thank You PBS

Wow. The response to Nature’s Why We Love Cats and Dogs is beyond our wildest dreams. Jerry’s website has been smokin’. We typically average about 900 unique visits a day. Yesterday alone we had more than 6,000 visitors!

PBS Nature Star Jerry

We have spent the last day answering the many heartfelt comments people are leaving on our posts about Jerry’s last days.

We can’t thank PBS and WNET enough for sharing Jerry’s story. If you missed it, no worries. You can still watch a clip here or get the full episode on DVD.

PBS Nature Star Jerry

We must give a special shout-out to producer Ellen Goosenberg Kent and her crew. Since they first followed us around Santa Fe last March, we’ve wondered what would come of the hours of footage they shot.

Well, Ellen did a simply amazing job telling Jerry’s story! We have now seen it about a dozen times and still cry every time.

PBS Nature Star Jerry

We are just astounded to think that our story has touched so many people, in such profound ways. If the response here and on the Nature website is any indication, Ellen is sure to be nominated for another Emmy!

Thank you Ellen. Thank you Nature. Thank you PBS.

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10 Responses to “Why We Love Cats and Dogs: Thank You Ellen, Thank You PBS”

  1. I thought the show was very touching and very well done. Cats and dogs are such a big part of so many people’s lives. This show portrayed why that is so very well. I’m sorry I never got to meet Jerry but I feel his spirit through Rene and Jim and watching this episode.

    • Thanks so much for watching Kim, we’re so glad you enjoyed it. Still seems so surreal that our baby was featured in it. We’re just glad to know that his spirit will definitely live on through the show.

  2. Hello! I saw your video about Jerry and I cried because I can see myself in you, guys. I’m a dog lover and I love my dogs so much I can’t imagine my life without them. My dogs are not just pets, they are part of the family already. I am always worried every time they are sick…and I keep our veterinarian’s number just in case they get sick. I lost one of my dogs 2 years ago because of tetanus and it was so painful for me and my husband to accept it. It took us weeks to finally accept that he’s gone forever.

    My dogs and I can read each others feelings. They can sense if I’m sick or if I’m sad. If they did something nasty and they saw me angry, they would come to me and lick my chin (this is their way of saying sorry to me). I also baby talk them as if they are my own kids. Some of my friends would laugh at us because of the way we treat our dogs…but I don’t care. I think only true dog lovers like us can understand each other.

    Jerry seems like a very good and loyal dog. In your video, I love watching him run even if he only have 3 legs! Say hi to Jerry for me!

    • Olivia from Luftfahrtversicherung February 18, 2009 at 1:34 am Reply

      I thought Jerry was still alive because I only watched the video but when I read your post at tripawds.com, I cried for Jerry, too. I’m so sorry. I know your Jerry and my dog are watching us and waiting on the rainbow bridge for us. I can feel your pain, Rene…I’m so sorry about Jerry.

    • Olivia, thank you for your condolences. While it still hurts to know that Jerry isn’t with us, we are comforted by all of the beautiful stories that good, animal loving people like you are sharing with us now.

      You sound like our kind of person, someone who really appreciates and values the lessons these fur kids are put on the earth to teach us silly humans. It’s a type of enlightenment that no book or religion can teach, and all it takes is giving our hearts to these amazing creatures.

      Thank you so much for being such a good friend to the animals.

  3. that`s my “grand dog” !

  4. I know Amanda has talked to you about the show, but I just wanted to say how excited I was to see you guys (all three) on TV and how much time the show spent on your story. It was a real heart-string tugger; I cried, Amanda cried, Abby cried. You touched us all! Thanks for sharing, and thanks to Jerry for the memories. It was cool to know he had been in our yard and had fun playing with QUince. I hope this big episode opens some doors for you guys, somehow. We always wish the best for you. Take care, and congratulations again. And I’m throwing in a bone for Jerry too! love – Bri

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