Biodiesel: Green in My Tank Means Less Green in My Wallet

Just a quick update on the search for biodiesel.

Wasco California Oil Field RigsWhen we left California in June 2007, the cost of biodiesel was comparable to diesel fuel. Maybe a few cents a gallon more, but to me it was worth it to do my part in helping the planet.

However, since returing to the West Coast, we’ve had a harder time finding anything better than B5. Even back in Eureka where we first started filling our tank with it, locating an outlet was challenging.

Suddenly, not as many stations seem to be offering it anymore.

When we finally did pull into a station that had some, they were selling it at $4.00/gallon for B100. Almost twice as much as even the priciest diesel in San Francisco. We pulled out of that station faster than we pulled in.

It’s disappointing to see that biodiesel is becoming less of an option today. Someday in the future we’ll build our own stealth fueling station, but until then, it looks like nasty ol’ Number Two will going into our tank.

If you have any secret sources for finding biodiesel on the road, please let us know with a comment below!

8 thoughts on “Biodiesel: Green in My Tank Means Less Green in My Wallet”

  1. Here in Meridian, Idaho, we belong to a “consortium” (love that word) and we can buy biodiesel B20 at a Pacific Pride Station here. We never know what the price is till the bill comes 😀 … Other than that we have to find a Stinker station where we can get B5. On the road, we have the same problem you do.

    Apparently there’s a plant that makes biodesel in New Plymouth, Idaho, 35 or so miles northwest of us, but we haven’t gone there. DH says he doesn’t know if they have a pump there where the public can buy it. One of these days we’ll head out there and see about that. I guess our best bet is to put in a huge auxiliary tank and fill it when we can? I don’t know …


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