RV Road Trip Expense Report: December 2008

For anyone who wants to see what it costs to live a (relatively) frugal lifestyle on the road for seven months, here’s our last Expense Report of 2008. It shows December numbers, along with totals from June to December. The most surprising finding? We actually lived on $23,597. That’s $11,799 each. I think the last time I lived on that kind of dough was back in high school.

Our Top Six Expenses from June to December 2008 were as follows:

  1. Food: $3,725 total / $532 average each month (about the same as last year, same timeframe)
  2. Truck: $3,621 total / $517 average each month ($2k was for the hideous brake system overhaul)
  3. Insurance: $2,709 total / $387 average each month (our State Farm agent is really good)
  4. Fuel: $2,364 total / $338 average each month (not as bad as I thought)
  5. Rent: $1,745 total / $249 average each month (workamping rocks!)
  6. Booze; $864 total / $123 average each month ($100 more than last year…can I blame it on the economy?)

For you detail oriented readers, here’s a PDF with all of the gruesome details.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! We are shooting to only give ourselves $36K total for salary in 2009. We will see how we do with that! I will definitely come to you for frugal living advise! 😀


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