Jerry gets us our 15 minutes of fame

PBS Nature Series Films us and Jerry on the RoadWe’ve been trying to get this off our chests for about nine months now, but we weren’t allowed to say anything. It’s finally official … Jerry is gonna be a star!

Thanks to our three-legged soul mate, we’ll be featured in the upcoming premiere of NATURE’s WHY WE LOVE CATS AND DOGS airing nationally on PBS Sunday, February 15th at 8PM (check local listings) NATURE is produced by THIRTEEN in association with WNET.ORG for PBS.

The crew followed us around for a few days when we took Jerry to Santa Fe for his first visit the oncologist. They later sent a cameraman to the ranch to capture more quality time with the three of us. We have no idea how it all turned out. Only that we and other pet lovers were were asked – along with various animal behavior experts – what makes us love our animals so much?

Nature Series Crew Wires Rig for SoundHow exciting and surreal this has been … we owe it all to Luke at 2 Dogs 2000 Miles who told the NATURE producer about us. Puppy up my friend!

Stay tuned for more details. We just returned from the TV Critics Conference, for the program’s premiere. Knowing we live on the road, they offered to fly us to Los Angeles from wherever we were. Too bad we’re already there!

12 thoughts on “Jerry gets us our 15 minutes of fame”

  1. A beautiful story! Hope we can see the program, or you can stream. Loving your site; it’s terrific, and has evolved so much. We’re in Mesa AZ for winter, probably until April. Let us know if you get close.

  2. This is fantastic!!! I know it had to be hard to keep from telling anyone. I hope that we’ll be in a place that we can watch. If not, I hope you’ll be able to figure out some way of putting Jerry’s segment on your blog.

  3. How cool and what a wonderful tribute to Jerry. Since we don’t have a TV in our rig, I’ll ask my brother to record the show for me. I don’t want to miss it and not sure if it will be available for download online.


  4. Congrats! I’ve made an iCal entry to remind me. The two of you are a fine example of how pet owners should feel about their companions – which is why Nature selected you and Jerry I’m sure. Looking forward to it!

  5. Wow, how great! Would love to see the show if I can remember the date. How about a quick post to remind us before it airs?

    When are you headed back to Colorado?


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