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Fodor's Essential USA Road Trips Travel GuideThe fine folks at Fodor’s have sent us a few copies of their new Essential USA road trip travel guide. And you might just get one of them!

Simply complete our blog survey below to help us make LiveWorkDream better for you. Random winners will be chosen from all who reply to receive a free copy of this great guide to the most spectacular cities, natural wonders, and road trips in the USA.

We’ve been meaning to do this survey since our first state of the blog address. But so many questions … what a pain, for us and you! This new Essential USA travel guide from Fodor’s is the perfect incentive. We have a few copies we need to get rid of – and not that many readers – so your chances of winning are pretty good!

And it really is a pretty good book too. Categorized along classic road trip routes – U.S. Highway 1, The Great River Road, Route 66, etc. – this guide points out the best bets in lodging, dining, attractions and more, in fine Fodor’s fashion.

With that said, please take a minute here to complete the survey and enter to win a copy of Fodor’s new travel guide to Great American Road Trips and tell us about yours. Winners will be notified after December 3, 2008. Thanks for your time!

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