America: Not Dead Yet

Bald eagle Olympic Peninsula WashingtonThroughout our travels we’ve met a lot of dumbasses and ignorant fools who made me feel embarassed to call myself an American. Tonight, what an amazing feeling it is, to actually have a heart full of hope, joy and pride for our country!

I am awestruck that we’ve proven to the world that American democracy isn’t entirely dead, that we can think for ourselves, and that we will not roll over and play dead for the neocon fascists who have beaten us down, robbed and stolen from us for far too long. We’ve finally gotten off our butts, and are ready to take this country back.

Thank you President Obama, for having the courage to show us the way.

9 thoughts on “America: Not Dead Yet”

  1. This is disgusting… crap like I flew my flag upside-down for eight years?.. Give me a break, go Canadian already. And this crap about “Thank you President Obama”, you’re retarded. You have no idea how badly he’s going to hurt this country, because you’re too ignorant to even consider that. This election was ‘bought’, you should be saying, “Thank you Oprah.”

    • Well aren’t you scary? Judging by the way the world stopped this morning, I guess that almost the entire planet is retarded and ignorant too. I’m proud to be one of them.

      Trolling the Internet for pro-Obama posts today, eh? Just so you could spread your brand of hatred and flame wars? I feel really sorry for you.

  2. His speech last night really was strong and moving. I hope that the ones who did not vote for him can join the rest to support and help him change America for the better! Yes, we can!


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