Summer lasts a week here.

Cinamon Pass View from Upper Vickers Ranch Lake City, COHere on the ranch in Lake City, Colorado, summer seems to have flown by. That’s because it has.

Locals are saying they can smell autumn in the air. And I can sure feel it when we get up in the morning. I overheard one neighbor say that around this time of year, “you can almost hear the switch flip” indicating the changing seasons – the end of summer, and the oncoming freeze.

Ol’ Perk Vickers even said they once had 30″ of snow on the ground for Labor Day! It must almost be time to hit the road.

4 thoughts on “Summer lasts a week here.”

  1. Being in Alaska, we’ve been hit by the fall bug for a few weeks. I don’t know if I could get used to birds starting to migrate in early August and the leaves changing colors a few weeks later. We’re out of here soon – before we get stuck here. Looks like you’ll need to be doing the same thing!

  2. It looks like you three have been bitten by the Colorado bug. Time to find an extra $100-200K somewhere and reconsider buying that ranch.

    The place does grow on you. Personally, Elaine and I are ocean lovers, but if we could ever move inland, it’d be Colorado.


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