Heed warning signs of three.

Flight Prep Flag in LuckenbachSomeone once said the third time is a charm. I say it’s an omen.

The first time we noticed a “Remove Before Flight” flag recently was on the Nomadjik Media Bus. You can see it in René’s interview with Flux Rostrum.

Just a few days later, we saw one at the Cathedral of Junk and thought nothing of it. But then we saw one in Luckenbach later that same week.

This third time made us recall the first two and wonder … what does it all mean?

I’ll tell you what it means. It is a reminder that we should not jump at any alluring opportunities or fall in love with any particular place before we are good and ready.

It means we are on the right path with what we are doing and that we should just keep on keepin’ on …

Flight Prep Flag at Cathedral of JunkAfter we left Louisiana and before we got to Austin, we stayed at Dixieland RV Park – a clean, well developed campground in Carmine, Texas. It was situated on 14 acres about an hour from Austin to the west with Houston about an hour to the east. It had 40 spacious sites, a private fishing pond, clean showers, laundry facilities and a small home/office. And this nice Texas RV park is for sale, at a bargain price.

This is just the type of opportunity I thought we’d look for when we set out on this trip. Don’t think I didn’t think twice about it over the next few days. But once this warning flag appeared for the third time, I knew it was time to keep driving.

Just like the doorman repeatedly appeared to Albert in I Heart Huckabees, the flag represents a deeper meaning to life which we can only try to understand but must take to heart. Perhaps an existential investigation is in order.

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