We save a LOT with Passport America!

Save on Campground Fees with Passport AmericaI’m not one to join another RV club for the sake of getting a sticker to put on my rig. But I sure wish we had joined Passport America months ago!

We had seen the Passport America club signs at campgrounds but didn’t think twice about it until recently.

A fellow fulltimer explained how much we could save, so we went for it.

For just $44.00 we got a one year membership and a handy printed directory that includes over 1400 campgrounds across the U.S., Canada and Mexico. More campgrounds are always being added. And the Passport America website includes a comprehensive listing of all participating campgrounds which is regularly updated.

Passport America - Save 50% At over 1400 Campgrounds in the USA, Canada and Mexico

The directory includes detailed maps and specific directions to each campground as well as a listing of highlights and special notes. I don’t know why we went without this for so long. After just four nights we made our money back. And now we’re regularly staying at nice campgrounds with full hookups for as little as $9 a night!

Finer campgrounds that usually cost $32 per night are just $16, and we’ve only encountered a few restrictions at some locations. Definitely the best forty bucks we’ve ever spent. If you’re a fulltimer or even just plan on spending a few weeks on the road, I highly recommend you join Passport America.

UPDATE: Download the free Passport America App!

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  1. Thanks for the link. We plan on getting back into camping this year. Especially in the winter to get out of the snow in the Sierras. We will go south or over to the coast in California. We are planning on buying a Trailmanor folding trailer. Have you seen any in your travels.


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