Artz Ribz and the Deep Ellum Blues

We’ve been hearing a lot of good music lately. So much that I’ve added a new Musicamericana Video Playlist featuring samplings of the local music scenes we’ve soaked up along our way.

But I promised Sonja I would post this movie from our dinner at Artz Rib House in Austin where they hooked up with us for some good food and good fun.

It’s for her dad really, who is almost as big a bluegrass fan as René. So much in fact that Sonja called him during dinner and held the phone up for him to get a little taste of the Grassmatics.

All through dinner, they kept asking for requests. And I could tell Randy was digging deep into what’s left of his memory bank. Finally, he said “I got it” and went to speak with the boys in the band. As he sat back down, they pulled out a book for a refresher on the lyrics to The Deep Ellum Blues.

Be sure to check out our Musicamericana Videos from time to time to get a feel for the live music we’re lovin’ … from our intimate evening with the Lone Star Pickers in Luckenbach to the Jugbusters jamming with Virginia Governors at the Floyd Country Store.

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