Build Your Own Travel Trailer, Cheap!

Here’s another DIY travel trailer project for ya. This one seems to use a standard utility trailer for the chassis. It may not have all the frills as a new RV, but who needs ’em when the the end of days comes? Function over form … hell, it looks like even I might be able to build this one!

I was sent this video on YouTube. Tune into The Gumpdy Channel to follow the progress of this do it yourself travel trailer project and see how it turns out.

3 Responses to “Build Your Own Travel Trailer, Cheap!”

  1. I am interested in info how can purchase one of these kits.

    • Sorry Ray, we don’t know of any do-it-yourself travel trailer kits. The example is just one from a guy we found online who designed his own. If you find any home build kits out there let us know! Thanks for asking.

  2. Mike and Cindi January 3, 2008 at 5:06 pm Reply

    another suggestion, the lowly shipping container..just add wheels or do a roll-off:

    Visit for more DIY cargo container housing and habitat projects.


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