I got Paged Comments to work!

pagedcomments.jpgI know what you’re saying … “oh great, another one of Jim’s geek posts.”

But I also know someone out there is looking for this fix.

I looked for weeks and finally figured out how to make the Paged Comments WordPress plugin play nice with our Guestbook Generator on Jerry’s Site.

When the Guestbook we installed on Jerry’s three-legged dog blog started really filling up with comments, I discovered what I thought was a simple way to split the comments onto multiple pages. But at first, the Paged Comments plugin wouldn’t do what it was supposed to. Which is to automatically split numerous comments on to multiple pages with minimal configuration.

Sure, installation and configuration was simple. But it simply didn’t work until I found this WordPress Support Forum post questioning if Paged Comments is compatible with WP 2.2. Well I too thought it was an incompatibility issue with our Mandigo blog theme, or the Guestbook Generator plugin we used. It’s neither.

Whether you create your own guestbook manually or use a plugin like we did, paging the comments should work just fine as long as you confirm the following PHP code is correct on your guestbook page after installing the paged comments plugin…

Search for:
<?php comments_template(‘/comments-paged.php’); ?>

And replace with:
<?php comments_template(); ?>

This worked for me in our circumstance, but no promises. If you’re having trouble with the Guestbook Generator and Paged Comments plugins, I hope you find this helpful. And if you don’t care, well then deep down you know really must because you’re still reading.

And if you are still reading … you might as well drop Jerry a note and experience his new and improved guestbook for yourself – now with Paged Comments!

Time will only tell if I install the Paged Comments plugin here on this blog. René and I were just debating who gets more comments on their posts. (I think she does. But I don’t take it personally. Really.) The truth is, our dog is obviously more popular than either of us!

2 thoughts on “I got Paged Comments to work!”

  1. We’ll look into it Jim, thanks. But what I’m really looking for is a paged/ordered comments plugin that plays nice with the BM-TrackPing plugin, or includes a similar feature to strip out ping-backs and list them separately, preferably below the first page of comments (if paged).

  2. Can I suggest you give the wordpress plugin Paginated Comments a shot? It’s a fork of paged comments and built with SEO in mind.


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