Workamper Situation Wanted: Two Fulltime RVers, Ready and Able!

When we started fulltiming, we knew that we wanted to look for a “Workamper” arrangement. Workamping is generally a situation where a person or couple gets to assist in campground or RV park duties, hosting, etc., in exchange for a great campsite where they can park their rig. The work can be as challenging as one wants; from 12 hours a week greeting visitors, to being full time and working on a construction or maintenance team. Along with perks like free propane, hookups or laundry room access, sometimes an hourly wage or stipend is also included.

Since our schedule is wide open for the next year, we have begun our Workamper campaign. Here is our resume that we are sending to prospective employers:

Jim Nelson And Rene Agredano

Fulltime RVers Seeking a Workamper Situation

Greetings! Please allow us to introduce ourselves; we are Jim and Rene, a young, tech savvy married couple (ages 41 and 38), currently taking a long sabbatical after selling our home and business which we started and operated for 10 years.

Our current home is a 24′ 2007 Arctic Fox fifth wheel, with a new Dodge Ram pickup. Since June, we have been traveling across the U.S. with our 9 year old therapy dog, Jerry.

We are seeking a Workamper arrangement where we can participate in the operations and management of a campground, RV park, or other travel / tourism business. Specifically, we would like to offer assistance with:

  • building a campground
  • facilities maintenance
  • front office operations
  • activities coordinating
  • management and marketing
  • any other day to day on-site duties

We are young, fit, and able to do the heavy lifting when it comes to:

  • groundskeeping
  • cleaning
  • gardening and landscaping
  • handyman work
  • electrical and construction
  • painting
  • dog or pet sitting and walking

In addition, our years of business management and technology experience make us qualified to:

  • provide computer technical support for both PC and Macintosh desktop computers and networks
  • work with any management software
  • teach computer classes
  • provide marketing consultation, graphic design services and website maintenance
  • teach digital scrapbook and craft classes
  • lead physical activities like bicycling, hiking and running / walking excursions
  • event planning and managment

We truly enjoy working in an outdoorsy, people-oriented environment, and look forward to helping you make your campground or park a great place for visitors.

Qualifications snapshot:

  • College educated professionals
  • Management, technology and business ownership experience
  • Physically fit
  • Years of outdoors and camping experience
  • Flexible schedule
  • People oriented
  • Our rig is small, new and well-maintained
  • Self-sufficient, creditworthy and financially secure

Right now, we can go anywhere in the U.S., our schedule is wide open. We are available to any job placements in the U.S., but our preferred areas and timeframes are:

  • November to January: Southeast U.S.
  • January to March: Southwest U.S.
  • April onward: Northwest U.S., Rocky Mountains or New England

Our only requirement is that our campsite must be satellite friendly, for our on-board satellite internet dish.

Thanks for your consideration. To learn more about us, or feel free to contact us via this website’s About Us page. We look forward to talking with you soon!


Jim & Rene

8 thoughts on “Workamper Situation Wanted: Two Fulltime RVers, Ready and Able!”

  1. Stonebridge RV Park is a beautiful resort located close to the Texas Gulf Coast. I will not discribe our park in detail as you can see several pictures on our web site.
    We are looking for someone available for at least the summer 2011.
    Most of the work includes mowing, some carpentry, plumbing, electrical and cleaning of buildings. The majority of the work is mowing, edging and weed eatting.
    We ask 20 hours per week per couple in exchange for free pad site and electricity. Most of the work will be put in on Wednesday to Friday. Saturday to Tuesdays are off days.
    Please advise if this is of interest.
    Steve Mundschau

  2. Ok, ok, perfectly said!!! One question? What about babysitting? Come on… add that it there… jk….
    Hope all is well with you 3…Miss you guys…. Safe travels.. Take care.
    Big sis, Elaine & family

  3. Love your site !! I try and keep up with you guys Wow !!! I have the perfect job for you two. You park your rig on Ankerton st. and oversee all tech “stuff” for myself and your folks !!! The pay sucks but the benefits are wonderful Ha!!! Will be in the Tampa Flordia area from Nov. 14 nth until Dec 10 nth, if you are in the area send me an e-mail. Hope you are well, give Jerry some love for me. Love Ya !! Big A

  4. Have you considered somewhere like Yellowstone? I was there in Sept. and there seemed to be a host at every campground- Norris, Tower, Slough Creek, Madison, etc. At least one that I saw had a dish for tv reception.
    Clam Beach County Park has a host too during the season 🙂


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