What the Wawa?

Wawa StoreSo I just had to know … is there a Wawa in Mawah?

So I just looked it up … the closest Wawa to Mahwah would be the Matawan Wawa. Or perhaps the Malaga Wawa, or the Wawa in Manahawkin.

Say that ten times fast.

Say it in New Jersey and you’ll probably pass a Wawa or two along the way while you do.

3 Responses to “What the Wawa?”

  1. Thanks for giving Wawa it’s due. Although they all look alike, this one looks like my personal fave – Haddonfield Road in Pennsauken. Of course, Pennsauken has 3 Wawa’s. By the way, I used to live in Matawan – just in case you are tracking Wawa’s by the Native American town names.

  2. Sounds better than felafel

  3. Ahhhh the Wawa. Anyone who has been to New Jersey knows it well. Unfortunately you didn’t get to experience the Wawa Hoagie, or Wawa coffee, or Wawa gas, or using the Free ATM’s at the Wawa. Wawa is a wonderful place with a wacky name.

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