The Numbers: September 2007 Budget Figures

Biodiesel in WisconsinLast month we got that taste of Big City Life in Toronto, and we spent more than usual on lodging and food. We also had some higher than usual business expenses involved in setting up our digital scrapbooking business.

It’s so important to aim high when you’re creating a road trip budget forecast. When you don’t spend as much as you thought you would, you feel great about it! Also, if you spend more in one area and less in another, then it all evens out.

Click below to see our RV road trip expenses for September 2007

Road Trip Budget Expenses and Savings September 2007

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  1. Thank you dear for your continued attention to detail and your ongoing efforts to keep us under budget. They’re obviously working! Though I notice, we’ve once again spent $0 on “Luxuries” … When are we gonna get those spa treatments!?!? 😉


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