We Found Denali!

You may recall that back in September we had a failed attempt to locate the one and only Denali, the Great One. Well, I’m happy to say that we found Denali. All it took was one sub-zero December day, and a whole lot of patience.

Over the last few weeks, we could glimpse Denali from our place out in Willow. On a good day, she makes an appearance on the horizon, looking stunning in her winter coat.

Denali view from Willow
Denali view from Willow

But don’t expect her to visit all the time. And she doesn’t ever look the same way twice. You never know when she will grace you with her beauty, or what kind of mood she will be in. You just wait. Eventually, she appears.

Until last weekend, we haven’t had a chance to enjoy the beauty of her company up close and personal. That is until last Saturday, a stunningly beautiful, subzero afternoon that any other time in our lives we would have laughed hysterically at the very thought of “enjoying.”

We were driving to Talkeetna, when there she was, a true showstopper.

The view of Denali from the Talkeetna River Trail

Some people might not think that a minus-4 temperature is conducive to sight-seeing. But if you want to catch one of the most amazing mountains in the world, you’ve gotta get uncomfortable

Dodge RAM 2500 temperature in December 2023
A little chilly that day!

I’d say the view is worth the price of admission. And the ridiculous layers of clothing necessary to stay safe hiking outside.

Hiking along the Talkeetna River in snow.
Hiking along the Talkeetna River in snow.

There’s so much more to say about what else we saw in Talkeetna that afternoon. But that’s a story for another time.

6 thoughts on “We Found Denali!”

  1. That is a beautiful sight for sure! I’m glad you got a good look at it. That cold!! I don’t know if any amount of layers would get me outside in that weather😁

  2. Does Nellie have boots for all her feet? My dogs would be picking up their feet in minutes in that weather – and they’re used to it. Beautiful view!

    • Hey Paula, she does have boots for all her feet but so far she hasn’t showed us that kind of signal that it’s too cold for her paws. She is not a fan however, of the cold, and now that I think about it I wonder if that’s why. I think I may try to put on all her boots to see if it makes a difference in how long she wants to stay outside. Thanks for that idea!


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