From a Junkyard Brewery to the Lavender Farm

For this Friday Five, I pulled up my list of random RVing pictures from the past 15+ years. The first thing I saw was this photo from our stay at the Junkyard Brewery on Route 66. The beer was great, and they showed movies on their drive-in theater screen. And, if you needed any spare truck parts, you might just be able to pick em from their boneyard junkyard.

junkyard brewery
Junkyard Brewery on Route 66 in Grants, New Mexico

That was another fun place we discovered, thanks to our Harvest Hosts membership. So I got to thinking…what other random photos might I find from other Harvest Host locations we’ve visited. That sent me down a rabbit hole where I also turned up some of our Boondockers Welcome stays.

boondockers welcome
Another free night thanks to Boondockers Welcome!

As you can see so far, Harvest Hosts tend to provide a more interesting and exciting experience than typical Boondockers Welcome spots. Either way, who’s going to complain about a free night’s stay? Not me. But with Harvest Hosts, you get to visit a winery, brewery or microbrewery and spend the night in your RV!

What Does Harvest Hosts Cost?

There are also farms, golf courses, museums, and other attractions available. As a result, you may spend a little money on some wine, or at the gift shop. And yes, this is encouraged. So your stay may not technically be “free” but you’d likely do that anyway when visiting.

junkyard brewery
Junkyard Furniture at the Junkyard Brewery

See, that Junkyard Brewery is pretty cool! Harvest Hosts began by only providing free overnight parking at wineries. They have since expanded to include farms and other attractions. Personally, I’m glad we can now find breweries and microdistilleries on that growing list of locations. And I’m looking forward to finding some more like that junkyard brewery when we hit the road again come spring.

harvest hosts
Free Boondocking at Purple Haze Lavender Farm – Sequim, WA

Our first Harvest Hosts stay was at a lavender farm in Washington. We spent a few bucks to pick some lavender and picked up some gifts for a friend. But spent the night for free on a peaceful spot, which smelled great!

Free Night at Oregon Winery

Stay for Free with Harvest Hosts & Boondockers Welcome

Okay, technically speaking our free stay may not be totally free. There is the membership fee. But with this Harvest Hosts Discount, your investment will pay off after only a couple stops. And, you can enjoy free camping at more than 7,000 unique locations that invite RVers to stay overnight!

If you’re just passing through and need a place to stay, check out Boondockers Welcome. You might just find a driveway or vacant property along the way.

Boondockers Welcome is now part of the Harvest Hosts network.

Got an idea for the next Friday Five? Leave a comment and I’ll see what random photos I can dig up from our 15+ years of Live Work Dream Galleries.

2 thoughts on “From a Junkyard Brewery to the Lavender Farm”

  1. We’ve been a BW host for quite a while now. Host sites vary enormously, from a spot in someone’s driveway, with no hookups, to lakeside sites and sites with views of mountains. Most are somewhere in-between. Many hosts offer at least some level of electrical power, a smaller number have fresh water available, and a few have the ability to let you empty your waste tanks. Staying overnight is always free but donations are encouraged or expected if using electricity, depending on the host. The amount to donate is suggested (set) by the BW program, but some hosts (like us) provide electric and do not accept donations. We are not running a campground; you are staying on our home property as a guest. We are also HH guest members. HH is the most expensive free camping we have every done, but we’ve always come away with wine (or other products) that we liked. 🙂


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