More Scary Scenes from the Road, Seen on Purpose

Wanna see some more scary scenes from the road that we’ve encountered over the years? Rene had a scare this morning when she encountered a mountain lion on her morning run. So I thought I’d share some more scary scenes from the road that I’ve ran into. Quite literally…

rattlesnake roadkill
Deadman’s Resevoir Rattlesnake Roadkill

I came back from my morning run the day before telling Rene a made-up tale about this rattlesnake I wrestled. I almost had her, as I had proof. This photo, and the rattle I kept. She thinks it’s gross, and told me to be careful of bad juju. I confirmed rattlesnake rattles are good luck. Then I placed it in a beautiful deerskin offering bag, a friend gave me just days before. After I set it in the sun to dry the remnant of fresh tail meat that is, as Rene insisted. The small satchel was stitched and beaded by our friend’s aunt, a native of some tribe I regretfully forget.

Native folklore features many a tale recounting the magical powers of rattlesnakes. So I found it totally appropriate to keep, and the talisman the perfect place to put it.

If you receive rattles from someone, no harm will come to you while that person is near you.

If you kill a rattler, keep the rattles for a good luck charm.

If you display the rattle of a dead snake, it will keep other rattlers away and act as a charm against a rattlesnake bite.

If you kill a rattler and rub the rattles on your eyes, you will always see a rattler before he sees you.

But I digress, yet again. This isn’t about rattlers. This Friday Five is for more scary scenes from the road. Though I was rather rattled by that rattlesnake that appeared at eye level as I ran slogged up a steep hill that dark morning. It took the mind a moment to register it was dead after seeing those rattles first!

scary scenes from the road
Scary scenes from the road, everywhere in Nevada.

Moments later as the sun rose that morning, I came upon another example of the many scary scenes from the road. This was up the hill from the rattler, a bit farther from where Rene encountered the big cat. It was another shooting gallery on a remote mountain road. They sure like shooting up shit like this in Nevada. This is not the first time I’ve stumbled upon some abandoned vehicles used for target practice in the middle of nowhere.

scary scenes from the road
Free boondocking, or scary party spot?

Wanna see something really scary?

I spotted this spot on public land while out running from Dayton State Park the week before. I thought it might be a good free boondocking spot for the weekend. Then I thought about the types that may use it as a party spot. Rene agreed it might be better to move on.

scary scenes from the road
Good morning…anybody home?

Fearvana: See Scary Scenes on Purpose

Do one thing every day that scares you. That’s one concept of Fearvana. Over the past few weeks I’ve done it a bit more often than desired. Losing my way along a steep powerline maintenance road before sun-up, I came upon one of the most scary scenes from the road. I turned back to find the trail, only to discover it headed right through an even scarier scene.

scary scene
Do something that scares you.

It was too late to turn back. I wasn’t about to traverse the terrain I came up and down again. So I did something that scared me. I picked up the pace, and persevered. Thankfully, I didn’t wake up any trolls. And I wasn’t about to stop and take photos of the even scarier scenes I ran through. The only thing scarier that morning was the traffic on the road back which I was trying to avoid by running over the hill and through the woods.

slab city
No Trash at The Slabs!? Sure…

And there we already have more than five scary scenes from the road for this Friday Five. Last time I shared such photos, I got a bit more creative with that DIY Scary Story. We’ve put ourselves in plenty of scary scenes over the years. While I never felt scared anytime we stayed at The Slabs, we haven’t been back in years. If the scenes I’ve seen out in the “real world” are any indication, I wonder how bad it may have gotten there by now. If we ever want to really do something that scares us, we might just go back to find out.

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