RV Life in the Slow Lane

What a contradiction to find this hippie rig in Las Vegas last week. 

Slow RV. Life is short. Live it well.

RV life in the slow lane.
We need this reminder in places like Vegas.

Each time Jim and I return to any big city we are reminded that everyone else seems to be living life at 100 mph. Those of us who do not are the oddballs in this modern world.

On the road we get honked at, flipped off and dog knows what else we don’t see when we’re not looking. Drivers text, talk and watch their phones without watching the road. Meanwhile, Jim and I snicker, and feel immense gratitude for our choices.

We love how RV life keeps us in the slow lane. Each trip to Vegas is a reminder of why we choose to live differently. But the key to remembering that is to stay present when we are trapped in the cacophony of city life. It takes work not to let things get to us.

We know it’s time to go when the bickering happens, and other drivers easily irritate us. For Jim and I, eleven days is plenty in any major city, but in the land of excess, it’s especially wearing on our ability to stay in the Now. I’m not sorry we left.

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