Liard River Hot Springs Video Tours

We’ve been making it a point not to make many plans on our epic RVing to Alaska adventure. If you’ve been following along, you already know how those plans have changed!

Since we love hot springs–especially any with RV parking–one place we definitely planned to visit was Liard River Hot Springs in British Columbia. That plan did not change. And we have the videos to prove it…

Quick Video of Scenes from Liard Hot Springs

Here’s a quick movie our iPhone made with scenes from our trip to the hot springs during the day.

If you go, do not miss the short hike up the steps to the Hanging Gardens!

Later That Evening…

When we headed back for another soak that night from the RV parking just across the Alaska Highway from the park, I took along the old GoPro for a closer look–under the water, and along the walkway, to give viewers a real sense of this Land of the Midnight Sun!

Yes, that really was filmed at about midnight…

Know any other favorite hot springs that accommodate RVers? Let us know with a comment!

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