RV Video Bloggers Can Be Cool

At the Xscapers bash in Quartzsite a couple months back, we stood by as an enthusiastic couple new to RVing interrupted us and start gushing over our cool friends from Drivin’ and Vibin’. Kyle and Olivia regularly produce cool RV lifestyle videos, and the couple was eager to meet them.

Drivin and Vibin Youtube Channel

We eventually had a chance to introduce ourselves and they asked, “So, do you have a Youtube channel.”

Rene hung her head and said, “No, we just have a blog.”

Just a blog!? I sighed, and promptly reminded everyone how the Live Work Dream Channel has more than 200 videos dating back ten years, with 1,100+ subscribers. Okay, so in just a few years, The Drivin’ & Vibin’ Channel has 458 videos with 25,834 subscribers. That’s pretty cool. But while we focus on providing content for our readers here at LiveWorkDream, we’re just not vloggers.

Right, What’s a Vlog?

We were doing the vlog thing, before vlogging was a thing. I used to spend hours producing and editing our road trip movies with titles, transitions and music. I’d post videos within a couple days, or sometimes a few hours to share our latest restaurant review, product demonstration, or cool music from the Range and Luckenbach or other small local venues around the country.

Over the past few years, however, I’ve focused my video editing efforts on producing interviews Rene has with veterinary oncologists, canine rehab experts, leading orthopedic surgeons and other rock star vets to provide valuable content for the Tripawds Youtube Channel.

Today there are so many RV vloggers out there posting videos about the full-time RVing lifestyle, it’s hard to keep track of them all. If we had to keep that up as part of our online income efforts, the competition would be fierce. The problem with most of these vloggers I’ve seen – and a few I’ve met – is that they all appear to be trying to hard. It’s either all about them, or their videos just don’t seem fun. Then we met the Coolest Couple in the World

Coolest Couple in the World Youtube Channel

Who Is Coolest Couple in the World?

I used to think what we were doing – on the road and online – was pretty cool. Now that everybody is doing it, I still think we’re cool, but I don’t waste any time trying to tell the world that. This doesn’t mean I’m not always on the lookout for other cool nomads sharing their stories.

When we arrived at the Fountain of Youth last week, I immediately noticed a WiFi network called “Coolest Couple In The World” and said, we gotta meet them! It’s a shame we didn’t run into these cool neighbors until our last night there. Sitting in the saltwater tub I noticed a cool looking guy with a slick camera set-up filming a beautiful young woman walking around the gym.

They were just leaving as we got out of the tub and Rene asked them what they were filming. “Oh just some B-roll for one of our vlogs,” he said. Cool, B-roll. Yeah, we don’t shoot B-roll footage. We’re not that cool. But it did lead to a discussion about traveling, vlogging about it, and the many hours of hard work it takes to keep it up.

What I like about the coolest couple in the world, is that their videos are fun and authentic. They look like they’re just out having a good time, not trying to prove anything or sell something.

New Videos: Fun with GoPro Time Lapse

Meeting our cool new vlogger friends did get me thinking that we needed to seriously update the Live Work Dream Channel. So I did that. It also inspired me to finally upload a couple little clips I’ve been working on since another cool friend we met gifted us his old GoPro camera.

The first thing I wanted to play with on the GoPro, was the time lapse feature, and this is the results of my very first try – capturing sunrise while boondocking at Gila Bend. The first thing I learned is that the old camera’s battery doesn’t last very long. So I researched some tips to extend your GoPro battery life.

After removing the GoPro WiFi BacPac and adjusting the camera settings, I got this original GoPro to last a bit longer and set it up for sunset at one of our favorite boondocking spots near Lake Mead…

My timing and camera placement were perfect. I walked out to check on the scene after sunset and noticed major smoke on the horizon. What looks like our neighbor’s trailer burning down in the video, is smoke in the distance from a wildfire that burned up a few acres on the outskirts of Henderson.

Cool…but it’s not like we’re that cool.

Have you seen all our videos? What type of videos would you like to see in the future?

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  1. I think you guys are cool!! In my opinion blogging and vlogging are simply 2 sides of the same coin. For some writing is where their gifting lies and for others they have the gift of gab. 😊 As a consumer I personally enjoy both for different reasons and for different moods or needs. We began our RV journey and vlog about 3 months ago and are loving every minute of it and the creative outlet. However, I still come back to blogs for some real meat and cultural nuances. Thanks for what you do and keep being cool!


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