Skyroam Now Offers Affordable Monthly Mobile Broadband and Business Wifi Plans

If you missed my Skyroam Solis Review, read that first for complete details about this innovative global wifi hotspot with no monthly contract required for unlimited monthly mobile broadband. To summarize: The Skyroam Solis global wifi hotspot provides mobile internet access with no service contract, in 100+ countries around the world. The powerful battery pack also charges mobile devices.

Skyroam Solis Personal Global Hotspot
Skyroam Solis Global Hotspot and Power Bank
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Save on Monthly Mobile Broadband with Affordable Billing Plans

I logged into my Solis hotspot dashboard and discovered that Skyroam is now offering big savings on their global wifi service with affordable monthly mobile broadband plans for travelers who need internet access all over the world.

monthly mobile broadband
Pay as you go or save on mobile broadband with monthly subscription.

As if $9 a day for unlimited wifi that I could use as needed, with no monthly contract, wasn’t enough reason to love my Solis hotspot – Skyroam now offers an unlimited mobile data plan. They already offered discounts when buying multiple daypasses, and still do, but now if using the device more than ten times each month it makes sense to subscribe for a monthly data plan.

Skyroam has now officially announced their new Monthly Mobile Broadband Unlimited* Global WiFi Subscription to enable continuous connectivity anytime, anywhere.
✓ 30 days unlimited data
✓ Always on, no activations needed
✓ No contracts, cancel anytime

With this new subscription plan you can get continuous global wiFi for your Skyroam hotspot without the need to add daypasses as needed. Get 30 days of unlimited Skyroam service for only $99. The service will auto-renew each period, and the subscription can be cancelled up to 2 days prior to next auto-renewal.

Skyroam connects up to five devices to the internet using the strongest local cellular network, and it works in more than 100 countries. So you are not tied down to any one specific carrier, giving you global access – virtually anywhere with wireless coverage.

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How To Get The Unlimited* Monthly Mobile Broadband Subscription:

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  2. Login to your account and click “Buy Daypasses”.
  3. Select “Unlimited Monthly Subscription” and click “Subscribe Now”.
skyroam benefits
Skyroam mobile broadband features and benefits.

Skyroam just added flexibility to their growing list of benefits. Use the name of this blog to save $10 off the Solis, then simply add daypasses as you need them, or opt for the new affordable monthly billing plan. If you need multiple hotspot devices for your family, or have greater usage needs for your team, consider the new Skyroam Business Plans to save even more!

Skyroam Business Plans Offer Discount Pricing on Global Wifi

For businesses or families with greater demand for mobile broadband without being bound to one provider, Skyroam Business Plans are now available. These monthly mobile broadband plans offer big savings with easier management and billing, especially for those who own multiple Solis hotspot devices.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Step 1: Save 10% off Skyroam Hotspots.

Step 2: Review Business Plan Features.

  • Save up to 30% on wifi daypass wifi pricing, or
  • Save up to 60% on unlimited global wifi for use anytime.

Step 3: Contact Skyroam for Business.

monthly mobile broadband plans
Skyroam Global Wifi Business Plans

Already own a Solis hotspot? No worries! Skyroam Business Plans allow you to bring your own device.

Why sign up for a Skyroam Business plan? The more you use your hotspots (3 days per month or more) at home or abroad, the subscription will be cheaper. Contact Skyroam for complete details.

Skyroam for Business also provides:

One Management Portal: All hotspots under one business portal versus each hotspot having to be registered to a unique email and portal. Easy usage look up.

Automatic Daypass Access: All hotspots under subscription have access to an unlimited amount of daypasses each month, there is no need to pre-pay. (In the consumer model, daypasses must be pre-paid by each account for each associated hotspot). You just start a daypass, and get billed you accordingly.

Two Billing Options: Get increased savings with cheaper daypasses using the Pro Plan ($25/month), or get instant unlimited access with no need to add daypasses as an Unlimited Plan ($99/month) subscriber.

Automatic Monthly Mobile Broadband Billing: Get one simple credit card charge for all the hotspots under your account, automatically, monthly. Traditional payment options are also available.

Invoices/Receipts Sent Monthly: One invoice (ACH payments), or batch receipts (for credit card payments) are sent monthly for all hotspots within your account. You can look up daypass usage for all your hotspots via your Business Plan portal for complete transparency of all device usage. (In the consumer model, a person must request for an invoice each time they need one. Under the consumer model, invoices will only include 1 account, which includes only 1 hotspot).

skyroam discount code
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*Skyroam unlimited data plans include a fair usage service policy that throttles bandwidth to slower speeds after 500MB per day. For full-time usage with the new subscription plan, that is 15 GB per month. I have been informed that this daily allowance will be raised in 2018. Read original review or contact Skyroam for details, and stay tuned for updates.

7 thoughts on “Skyroam Now Offers Affordable Monthly Mobile Broadband and Business Wifi Plans”

  1. I found this review misleading. After reading, I immediately ordered an unit, but then found out that to get the ‘unlimited plan’ you have to contact their sales people to sign up. Furthermore (and most importantly) the ‘unlimited’ is not unlimited! It is 500MB/day. This is false advertizing and should have been noted in the review! Same tricks as the big wireless companies and disappointing to see in a startup.

    • Thanks for commenting Bert, no tricks going on here. The amount of data is unlimited. I address the bandwidth throttling issue in my original review, see link in the first paragraph.

  2. Just FYI, I looked further into this “unlimited plan” and if you are a heavy user, this may not be a good deal. The fine print states that you get high speeds up until 500MB per 24 hours, after which speeds are throttled to 2G. I called Skyroam and confirmed that they will throttle regardless of whether you are in a high-traffic area or not; they will not permit you to use more than 500MB in 24 hours. After 24 hours, the clock resets and you get another 500MB, but this means that no matter what you will never get more than 15GB of 3G/4G speeds per month.

    This is a problem for data-sucking applications. For example, my work laptop must connect via VPN, and I know that alone takes 10GB of data per month. Ryan’s Amazon business takes another 5-10GB per month, so we’re already over our limit.

    And of course, forget about streaming video.

    It’s a good concept, but if your work (or play) requires a lot of data then this may not be a good option for the long term. At least the other companies only do their throttling when you’re near a high-traffic tower. This is mandatory throttling. I think Skyroam needs to work on translating their day passes into something more palatable if they want to charge a monthly fee and call it “unlimited.”

    • Agreed. In my first review I address their low FAP limit. An inside source at Skyroam assures me that this limit is being raised “in 2018” so we are all anxiously awaiting that!


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