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Nooz Optics Coupon Code

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Read on for details about how I finally found the best pair of spare reading glasses for RVers and workampers

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Why Nooz Glasses are Great for RVers

I have just a few requirements for publishing product reviews here: The product must be practical and useful. I must be personally satisfied with the product. And any item that isn’t part of an upgrade or maintenance project on the truck or trailer must be compact and durable.

Considering I am now at “that certain age when the wheels start falling off” according to a certain someone, Nooz Optics are worthy of a write-up, meeting all of the above conditions.

No More Broken Glasses!
No More Broken Glasses!

OK, over the past few years my perfect eyesight has deteriorated pretty much gone to shit, at least up close. But I have always put function over form, so I don’t really care what glasses look like on me as long as they let me read, thread fishing line through my hook, or line up those lousy little screws that…nevermind.

I’ll admit it, I need reading glasses. And I often need them when driving or workamping. So I buy cheap cheaters, and I break them. I lose them. I put them in my pocket, and I sit on them. Nothing a little duct tape won’t fix. For some reason, Rene doesn’t care for that when we’re out in public, or anytime really. So I end up asking her to read the menu for me. No more.

Nooz Optics Compact Reading Classes
Nooz Optics Compact Reading Classes

Nooz Optics Reading Glasses Review

When I first started seeing ads for the Nooz Optics glasses, I though “neat” but doubted they would do the trick. Then my monocle* broke. The Nooz were affordable so I thought I’d give them a try. I’ve been quite impressed!

Nooz Optics come in two styles, various colors, and five different strengths. They are stylish and discreet, with no need for a bulky carrying case, or duct tape. The ordering process was simple, and they shipped fast!

My new Nooz are lightweight and fit comfortably on the nose. They stay put much better than I expected, and fit easily in my pocket. What amazed me most, however, was the crystal clarity of the lenses. They are like wearing nothing at all.

Nooz Optics

Being a European company, you won’t find Nooz at CVS or Walmart, yet. You can get them at the nooz e-shop and check out with Paypal or credit card. As a customer, you even get a Nooz Coupon Code you can share with friends and family, or your blog readers!

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*About that Monocle…

I’ll admit it, the Nearsights monocle Rene got me for my birthday a few years ago was pretty cool.

Nearsights Monacle
I spy with my little Nearsights monocle…

It was always convenient, on a cord around my neck, and often got a fun reaction from others. Check out all the Nearsights monocle styles. They are also stylish and comfortable. But while they’re perfect for checking labels in the supermarket, or reading a menu all on my own, they did not come in very handy when crammed under a baler out in the field trying the thread twine through the knotter and…nevermind.

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