New Year, New Roads to Travel. Happy 2016!

Woosh! 2015 blew by us like wildfire. Was it like that for you?

Last January we had an inkling this year would be crazy, so we didn’t throw our usual summer workamping job into the mix. Between traveling coast-to-coast, managing our Tripawds community, freelance writing and jewelry making, we managed to keep our balls in the air and our wheels turning on the ground – usually.

Would I recommend this lifestyle to others who are thinking about it? Darn right I would! After all, you’ll never know that something isn’t for you unless you try it first. But as 2015’s adventures showed us yet again, full-time RVing isn’t for everybody. From major oil leaks to hitchiking rodents, tire blowouts to wind storms, when your house is always on the go life is never boring and often exhausting. Even when you stay put in one place for a whopping whole month or – gasp! – an entire season, living like trailer trash is far from routine.

Because we have a smaller RV, four wheel drive, satellite Internet and solar power, we love pushing the extreme boondocking boundaries and going where few dare to set down their jacks. Many stick house dwellers often ask us “Aren’t you scared out there?” and to that I say: “I’m more afraid of living in a city. Aren’t you?

With snowbird season in full swing and desert camping destinations warmer than anywhere else in the U.S., we’re about to head off into some off-the-beaten track campsites. And unlike our hairy experience at Basin and Range, or at Grampa Jerry’s Clown Museum, I. Will. Not. Be. Afraid.

There’s no reason to fear remote camping when you’ve got two Plan Bs in place, like our CoachNet roadside assistance plan and RVDataSat Voice-Over-Internet (VOIP). This means if we get stranded in some far away boondocking without cell connectivity, all we need to do is get on the InstaSat network and make a phone call to CoachNet via the Internet! Watch for an update soon when we make calls from our RV DataSat VOIP somewhere in the vast, desolate expanse of the Southwest.

The coming year promises to bring many more full-timing adventures for us. As we ring in our ninth year of full-time RVing (geez I can’t believe it either!), we want to thank you for hanging out with us!

We hope you have a fun-filled, fearless and fabulous 2016 wherever you roam!

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