Clean and Sober. For Now.

It’s been 56 days since we’ve had a cocktail. Our closet is crammed with all of our favorite booze, because we stocked up at Costco in Las Vegas before we came out here to the sticks. But we haven’t touched a drop.

What does this have to do with full-time RVing? A lot. I’ll get to that.  Meanwhile, we’ve been on the wagon, living like Mormons.

No gin and tonics.

We love Hendrick’s for Gin and Tonics

No margaritas.

When money’s no object, we love Republic Tequila.

No blue drinks.

Any excuse to have a fru-fru cocktail, even in Dixie.

No beer.

So many beer choices at New Belgium.

The Drinking and Full-time RVing Connection

Now here’s the RVing connection: full-time RVers love their happy hour. No matter where you are out there on the road, if you’re hanging around other travelers, you don’t need an excuse to meet up over cocktails. And although we aren’t retired, as self-employed people without a clock to punch, it’s easy to repeatedly over-indulge when you can create a work schedule around hangover recovery.

Every RVer needs a margarita machine.

Laying off the sauce was a mutual choice. Things came to a frothy head fifty six days ago, when, after a particularly indulgent evening, I  realized that I hadn’t stopped drinking for any significant amount of time, at least since I was old enough to appreciate the positive effects of alcohol-induced inebriation, back in high school . . . a LONG time ago.

That’s when I started wondering:

If I stopped drinking, would I feel worse or better? Would my hands shake? Could I cope with work or road stress without a 5 o’clock freshie?  What would happen if I just . . . stopped?

I had to know if I was an alcoholic, or not. And Jim agreed to try it too.

Our NuRVer glasses are always full.

So far, so good. The first two weeks sucked as we acclimated to punching a clock here at the ranch, all while trying to keep our other income balls in the air. During the first few days of workampingranch, I was jonesing for a freshie. And I could have had one, very easily. I look right at those brand new, unopened bottles of booze every day.

But I had to know if I was strong enough to resist the temptation.

And now, here’s what I know for sure: I’m not an alcoholic. I didn’t get the shakes when I stopped. I feel pretty good overall. And when it comes down to it, I don’t need the booze. I love good cocktails. I love to get liquored up. I look forward to happy hour. But I don’t need to drink. Now I’m sure of it.

Therefore, on August 8, my birthday, we will celebrate going on the wagon . . . by falling off of it! With cocktails. Lots of them.

3 thoughts on “Clean and Sober. For Now.”

  1. It’s in the making…paper work you know!! Should have keys in hand by the end of Aug. little hint where…along one of the great lakes,sandy beaches and beaches only by boat, marina’s, great farm land, tons of wild life!! Keep ya’s posted. Kale …Now i’m singing Luckenbach Texas…go

  2. Hello U 2!! Great post…Looks like you’s are gonna go hard at the working wheel, juggling a few jobs at the same time. I think by the time your B-day comes you have earned a nice stiff drink…seems to pull the knots out of the body!!) Have fun. -Just picked up a property and will be making RV spots! Exciting times. Kale


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