Arizona’s Desert Bar Hideaway Quenches Our Thirst

OK I’m not embarrassed admit it, tourist traps can be fun.

They’re even better if they have:

  • Cheap cold beer
  • Live loud music
  • Eco-Groovy solar-power

We found all that and more during a NuRVers 4×4 excursion from Quartzsite to the Desert Bar in Parker, Arizona.

The bumpy, twisty, 6-mile long highway-to-hell “road” was quite the ordeal but once we arrived and were greeted by a rockin’ blues band, I knew it was worth the journey.

This little hideaway is only open on weekends during snowbird season (October through April) and you’d better bring cash for that ice cold beer and cocktails.

This ex-mining camp is so charming, like Wall Drug it accurately reflects the entrepreneurial spirit in America.

  • In 1975, a crazy guy buys land in the middle of the desert
  • He envisions a “bar in the desert” even though there’s no power and water must be trucked in
  • In 1985 he opens for business in a structure the size of an outhouse
  • As word got out, he expanded to dig a well, install solar and finally expand to the amazing bi-level bar that you see today.

You can read the entire story on the Desert Bar’s hokey website. For now, take my word for it, our goofy grins say it all: this little place is worth the bumpy drive to get there!


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