Remote Workamping Shop Local Challenges

As previously reported, we haven’t left Lake City once since we got here in Mid-May. Shopping locally for food has been relatively easy but acquiring some of our other favorite treats and commonly consumed household items has been more challenging.

For example, we learned that liquid products shipped here from sea level may not survive the increase in altitude (we are at about 8,300′ above sea level). This box that once held RV toilet holding tank chemicals is a good example.


I ordered our favorite Camco TST RV Holding Tank Chemical from Amazon. Unfortunately, the seal on this container didn’t survive the rise in atmospheric pressure and burst while the box was in transit. The women who run the Lake City post office were not happy when green liquid leaked all over everyone’s mail. I hung my head in shame for the next few post office trips, since they knew it was my crap chemicals that made a big mess.

With this liquid postal system disaster in mind, when we ordered our favorite Hendrick’s Gin from Vino Cheapo in Florida, we were skeptical that it could survive. Desperate for quality gin that can’t be found here, we bit the bullet and went for it.

And like the fine quality gin that it is, so is the container in which it’s bottled. The Hendrick’s bottle only let out one small droplet, but the entire bottle of gin survived.

Lesson learned: yes, you can get everything you want over the Internet. But if it ships to high altitude locations, you’re probably going to pay a big price, one way or another.

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