Still Alive

We’re rockin’ and rollin as we head into the Fourth of July holiday, Lake City’s busiest time of the year. We haven’t had much time to write since work hours are getting longer and the jobs are getting tougher, as we scramble to keep things running smoothly at the ranch.

The ranch phone has been ringing with freaked out tourists holding reservations. They’ve been watching the media play up the fire situation in Southwest Colorado, which is bad and just one hour away from us . . . but it’s not affecting our immediate vicinity. Up until today we haven’t even smelled smoke. We’ve seen it though.

A strict fire ban (duh) will dull the Fourth’s usual festivities but it doesn’t seem to be keeping people away from Lake City. This is good for business and our job security.

In the meantime if you don’t hear from us as much, it’s because we’re maxed out working long days at the ranch and then coming home to keep up with our own revenue stream endeavors. The days are flying by but sometimes I wish they would go just a little faster as I find myself dreaming of lazy winter days at Stillwell Ranch.

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