Our 2013 Workamper Shop Local Challenge

We’ve landed in Lake City Colorado for our summer workamping gig at Vickers Ranch.

It’s insanely beautiful here in the San Juans, but we’re an hour from the nearest place to do any real grocery shopping. Since we only get one, maybe two days a week off, neither one of us want to spend precious off-time on long-distance domestic duties.

Until last year, Lake City had just one small grocery store, known by locals as “The Food Museum” because the inventory is too close to their expiration dates for comfort.

Last year, a great little health food store opened up but with sporadic produce at best, we couldn’t rely on it for regular grocery store trips.

This year we are thrilled to see a second health food store is opening up with a huge choice of produce! Woohoo! We met the owners today and they’ve promised us regular deliveries of kale, lettuce and greens.

This new store, and the UPS truck, are going to be our lifeline while we work here all summer.

Thus, today we being our 2013 Shop Local in Lake City Challenge. We’re going to see if we can live off the provisions in a small mountain town without ever going to the big town. With a health food store, liquor store and post office, what else do you need?

3 thoughts on “Our 2013 Workamper Shop Local Challenge”

  1. Hey Rene,

    I will be curious how you challenge goes. This will be a big challenge for me as well, because right across the street from my apt, about 100 yards away, I have a nice grocery store. I only buy about two days worth of food. I will have to learn how to plan ahead.

    Being gluten and dairy intolerant, I have been changing how I eat. On my way from home from work, I pass a farm that raises grass feed Angus beef and free range chickens. So right now I’m very spoiled 🙂


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