Why Visit Whistler Mountain Resort

Snowbirds are supposed to go south for winter, not head right into it. But this season I was fascinated by the number of full-timers who decided to RV in the coldest parts of the country, including Advanture Trek, artist Jema and her family and a few other Full-time Families who traded flip flops for ski boots.

These RVers are snowbirds in the truest sense of the word. I’m not as hearty and there’s no way you could pay me to head north for winter in my Arctic Fox fifth wheel, even though it’s one of the best 4-season models available.

Have you ever RV’d for an extended time in the snow? If so, what was it like?

Whistler Mountain is one sweet sounding destination that could possibly tempt us into a trip north to spend one winter season. But you’d be more likely to find us working at a resort from the comfort of a fireplace-warmed cabin! How about you?

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  1. Well, we sure experienced enough cold and snow during our four months on the road….not by choice. These RV’s aren’t designed for 10 degree temps, regardless of the marketing….lol. House will go on the market soon…..cleaning and purgeing 🙂

  2. Hey R&J, We think you know we’re from the Seattle area, spent three long winters camping in Baja, Mexico in our Arctic Fox fifth wheel and love adventuring! We’ve skiied at Whistler for one-week vacations (with our 3 kids) many, many times during our working years, and we love it! We’ve also RV camped in the snow for brief periods. Thatt said, we wouldn’t consider camping at Whistler for a whole season. It’s all about personal preference, but we like warm weather better except for short stints to go skiing. Plus the Whistler area is very expensive, if gorgeous and loads of fun. Thanks for your sweet congratulatory comment on our Great Loop completion a few days ago. We’re wrapping up things here in Florida and will head home in the pickup truck a week from now. Still hoping we’ll run into you one day on the road! Big hugs, Cathryn & Bob

    • Catherine I’m so in awe of your Looper journey! That is Brave with a capital B! So now where to?

      Whistler for a whole season would just be nutty to me. Maybe for a few days. But I’ve seen recent pics of those bloggers I referred to. They had icicles on the INSIDE of their windows in the morning. Agggh!

  3. Last summer we moved full-time into our RV. It was the only way we could afford RVing. We are managing to make it through our first winter in the RV. We have made it even when the weather is -20F. Sewer and Water can be a pain as there are no parks open, but we are finding ways to do it. The people who help you do this stuff don’t want it on record they are helping 😉 WE planned on spending a few thousand getting the RV winter proofed but with helpful advice from some fellow RVers we just went for it. Our regular 3 season RV has been holding up well. Feel free to ask any questions. It didn’t take a lot of work to make everything work out for us.

    • Hey Brent! Thanks for reading I’m so glad you commented. I’ve never seen your blog before but I was completely intrigued by the great name of it. Congrats on making the leap to a simpler life. You will have to give us some tips on fultiming in the snow sometime. There have been a few cases where we couldn’t get away fast enough and froze our asses off!

      I’d comment on your blog but it requires a log-in and I’m lazy. How about letting people comment without logging in?

      Hope to meet up with you on the road someday.


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