Where Old RVs Go to Die

Did you know there are graveyards where old RVs go to die? And no, I’m not talking about the Slabs.

When Jim accidentally broke the arm of our Carefree awning unit by backing a jeep into it, we were introduced to the world of RV salvage yards.

Being the frugal RVers that we are, we knew there had to be a cheap way to buy a new replacement arm rather than getting it new from Carefree.

We searched the Interwebs for “used RV parts” and found tons of ’90s-era HTML websites listing RV salvage yards in the U.S. (hey developers, there’s a need for a used RV parts mobile app!).

The best online resource directories for used RV parts salvage yards are:

You don’t even have to visit the actual yard to get your part. Most fulfill requests to search for that special part you need, including Arizona RV Salvage which carries used RV parts from air conditioners to engines to furniture.

If you go to a RV graveyard, be prepared to get your hands dirty. Our search led us to a graveyard in Grand Junction, Colorado, where Jim and I found duct-taped RVs that would make any hillbilly proud. Digging around to find our awning part was successful but not without a sunburn and grease stains on our clothing.

Happy Hunting!






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  1. That is a good set of links to keep on hand. We just saw the sign for Colaw RV Salvage as we were on our way out of Carthage MO. If we had known it was there they day before, we would have gone over to take a look-see.

    ps I know where your banner photo was taken!

    Karen and Steve
    The USA Is Our Big Backyard


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