New Workamper Guide Gets Your Wheels Turning Faster

When you want to hit the road but aren’t sure how you’re going to pay for that adventure, a new book from Workamper News calledLive Your RV Dreams: The Beginners Guide to Workamping for the Part-Time or Full-Time RVer” will get your wheels turning faster.

For just $4.95 as an e-book or just $6.95 for print, Live Your RV Dreams will show you the ins and outs of paying for an adventurous lifestyle. By downloading the book you also get a free receive a free, 2-month trial membership to Workamper News if you’re a first time member.

The book is authored by Workamper News founder Steven Anderson and provides a basic overview of the full-time RVer lifestyle. You’ll learn about topics like:

  • How to ditch the stick-house lifestyle
  • Workamping job search tips and employment basics
  • Real-life full-time RVer situations and logistical aspects to consider

Of course since it’s written by Anderson, you’ll also receive a generous overviews of the great benefits of joining the Workamper organization.

If we didn’t have firsthand experience with the Workamper organization, we would think this book was a self-serving pitch to get you to join. But Jim and I have been happy Workamper members since 2008 and we can honestly say that this is one group that’s worth the membership fee if you’re thinking about making this big lifestyle change.

Live Your RV Dreams is small but mighty and is a great place to begin your full-time RVer research. While you’ll definitely find more comprehensive books and resources in the Workamper News Bookstore, Live Your RV Dreams is the first place to plan your great escape.

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