The Quartzsite Flea Market Paradise

During the winter RV season in Quartzsite, you can get just about anything you want in this desert oasis.

From the flea markets filled with one-of-a-kind, All American bric a brac . . .



To the next big exercise gadget that may or may not help you lose weight but will certainly make a fantastic clothes hanger for someone with a stick house . . .



Quartzsite is filled with hundreds (thousands?) of acres of vendors, crafters and itinerant merchants selling everything from cheap Chinese tool sets to crocheted toaster cozies to hand-forged knives. In between shopping excursions, you can even find Jesus hanging out a in 10×10 church next to the funnel cake guy.

This RVing mecca is ground zero for accumulating exactly the kind of cheap plastic crap that most full-time RVers do their best to escape from. Isn’t that ironic?

Our RV’s limited space makes it really easy for us to walk away from excess stuff. Although I found it impossible to resist Quartzsite’s awesome deals on jewelery making supplies for my Etsy Shop, we managed to avoid busting our monthly budget on unnecessary stuff. Who needs it anyways?

If you went to Quartzsite, how much stuff did you leave with?


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