Support Full-Time Travel through Wand’rly Kickstarter Campaign

When you’re getting ready to hit the road, you need all of the real-life examples that you can get to make your dream a reality. That’s why we’re so enthused about Wand’rly Magazine, run by our friend and fellow full-time traveler, Nathan and his partner, Renee.

We told you about Wand’rly in a previous post, but the magazine is about to grow exponentially with a cash infusion from their new Kickstarter Campaign and we want to help spread the word.

This vagabondish family of two parents, three kids and a grandma is currently in the midst of their Wand’rly Kickstarter Campaign to help fund the next 12 issues of the magazine. Kickstarter is a way for indie entrepreneurs to help bring funding to projects they need help with. Here’s why we think it’s worthwhile to help support this fellow traveler’s project:

Although Nathan currently makes a living as a web designer over at his business, Click Nathan, he and Renee are attempting to raise $13,750 to help provide some extra breathing space so they can spend time growing the magazine with things like a new advertising program to bring in more revenue as well as a better delivery system for the magazine (i.e., getting into Apple’s Newsstand).

In exchange for supporting this helpful magazine full of guidance, inside knowledge and tips for full-time travelers, you can earn fun prizes for various levels of support, like:

  • a Photoshop class from Wand’rly
  • consulting to help you get on the road
  • a lifetime ad on an article of your choice in Wand’rly
  • handmade leather wallet made by the Wand’rly crew
  • and our personal favorite, an almost-all expenses paid trip next winter to the Wand’rly Travel in Review party in Terlingua, Texas

The campaign is only good until 10/31, so check out Wand’rly Kickstarter Campaign page today, and show your support for this talented group that’s showing others how to break free of the chains of conventional living!

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