Hippy Motors Family Business Hits the Fulltiming Road

Full-time RVing with kids while working on the road isn’t a new phenomena. For example, Joe and Kay Peterson, the founders of Escapees RV Club were just 42 years old when they hit the road in 1972 with two school-age children and an entrepreneurial spirit. Adventurous families like the Petersons paved the way for today’s free-spirited moms and dads, like Jason and Shianne Condi of HippyMotorsUSA.

These two thirty-somethings recently left upstate New York with their two small children to see America by RV, while operating a decal business from their rig.

Parents Take the Plunge to Full-timing

The Condis operate HippyMotorsUSA.com, which specializes in printing colorful vinyl decals reminiscent of 1960s flower power décor.

HippyMotorsUSA  produces and ships decals from the inside of their rig, which has been modified to house a vinyl plotter, works tables and computer station.

With just a $3,000 investment in startup costs, HippyStickersUSA has blossomed into a thriving enterprise that grows with every turn of the wheel.

Each day the business receives Internet orders from all over the country to embellish everything from delivery vans to Volkswagen Beetles.

With over 2,000 different designs, HippyStickersUSA helps adorn RVs, cars, boats and any vehicle with lettering, fun images and humorous slogans that reflect a driver’s individuality.

Just like the decals they create, the HippyMotorsUSA rig always stands out in a sea of generic RVs.

Whenever the family’s highly decorated rig rolls into a campground, new customers come calling with requests to decorate everything from horse trailers to RV exteriors.

Surviving the Transition

The Condis gave careful thought to the full-timing lifestyle before they actually made the leap. In early 2012, the couple began planning their permanent road trip. They assumed that their home would take at least two years to sell, which would give them enough time to downsize and start the business at home.

But success arrived faster than they anticipated; less than 24 hours after listing their home, a buyer arrived.

Instead of taking the slow road to full-timing, the had a few weeks to downsize, pack up and get on the road. Not to mention they had to pick out their RV and ramp up their new business!

Hitting the road was scary, but “we’ve always wanted to travel,” said Shianne.

“We had an opportunity, and we knew if we didn’t take that opportunity we’d regret it,” Jason added. So in just a few weeks, they sold everything, put the business and their few remaining possessions into their new mobile home office and hit the highway.

“To be out here so soon is really trial by fire but we’re really excited that the business is allowing us to be on the road,” says Jason.

“We’ve conquered a lot in the last year; the business has grown immensely, way more than we ever suspected,” he told us.

Hippy  Motors USA Can Customize Your RV

Be sure to visit HippyMotorsUSA today to customize your RV with fun decals that reflect your fulltiming personality!

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