Win a Space Bag to Clear Your RV Clutter

Last week, stuff got the best of me. From the clothing I can’t say “no” to, to the dog gear freebies we collected at the Blog Paws 2012 conference, our Arctic Fox fifth wheel started to explode at the seams with too much stuff.

One day while looking for a favorite t-shirt, which I know I had just seen the day before, I threw a temper tantrum. As I grew more upset at not finding that shirt among my piles of crap, I realized that I had broken the cardinal rule of Rvers living in a small space:

If you bring one new thing in, one old thing must go out!

After five years of living on the road, I’ve grown lazy in my organizational routine. This is a big mistake for any Rver, but especially for ones living in a 24′ rig like ours.

Not being able to find one t-shirt brought my bad habit to light, so I began weeding through my clothing, sheets and blankets to make a “toss” and “keep” pile.

Once I had discarded things I knew I wouldn’t wear, I stared at the piles of bedding that was taking up vital space underneath our bed.

Space Savers Helps the Hoarder in Me

Our complimentary sample of Space Savers Dual Use Bags couldn’t have come at a better time.

Space Bags Clear Clutter

Instead of stuffing our warm winter bedding back under the bed, I reached for the Space Savers Dual Use Bags we were sent to review in exchange for sharing the results of with you, dear reader.

Here’s what I learned:

  • I need to commit to having less crap in the first place. Having less stuff only benefits us in the long run. Less stuff = less fuel consumption.
  • When you’ve pared down your belongings, you can stuff excess into Space Bags. These handy heavy-duty plastic bags have one way valves that let you take the air out by either sucking it with a vacuum hose, or using your burly muscles.
  • I tried both air-reduction methods and both worked exceptionally well. However, I found the vacuum method took out even more air.
  • Space Savers Bags save an enormous amount of space and can take a lot of abuse. They are much better made than cheap imitations.
Space Bags Save Room

Finally, the storage area underneath our bed has room for even more stuff! (not).

Space Bags Clear Clutter

Try Space Savers Bags for Yourself, Free!

Wanna see how much space you save in your RV with Space Savers Bag Dual Use Bags? Then follow these steps:

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One lucky pack rat will be chosen at random. Must enter no later than Monday, July 16 at 12 midnight Pacific time.

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6 thoughts on “Win a Space Bag to Clear Your RV Clutter”

  1. Hi Rene, I bought these space bag things when they first came out, they were awesome then. I bought them again last year (at Walmart), they were not worth getting out the box. I threw them all out. Have the “space bags” improved any in the last year or so? , or are there any special places to get them that I don’t know about where you don’t just get the worst crap China can make?

    • Hey Dale, you crack me UP! OMD. I have to admit, we’ve only re-used them once. They really did seem to work well and not puncture or anything. Are you sure you bought this brand?

      • I bought the ones called Space Bags at Walmart (with the proper logo and everything). Funny thing is I still have one or two of the original space bags from ages ago that still work. They are very old and worn. I bought like 5-10 at Walmart last year, I was so sad. They really were just junk, the whole lot of them. It might have been the batch I got. I did hope however that there was a real source for the real original ones. Alas, I’ve seen so many great things take the same path to rubbish. Maybe some crafty people could figure out how to make them of real durable stuff again?

  2. Michele Spencer Davisposted toSpace Bag
    2 seconds ago
    I need to carry a lot of bedding in my motorhome for the annual family camping trip. I take up to 12 kids with me and while they sleep in tents, I transport all of the bedding. I never thought of using Space Bags! DUH!! It would save so much room and they would arrive clean and dry!


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