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Here’s a fun one for ya! Who’s been here?

We stayed at this sweet boondocking spot somewhere about a year ago. Have you been there? Can you tell where it might be? Watch the video for a multiple choice question and leave a comment with your guess.


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Boondocking Quiz #42

ANSWER: Green River, Utah


Pictures from the location in the video also appear throughout this blog. If you’ve followed our adventures, you may even recall how something major happened here, which led to another one those enlightening posts. Cheating allowed if you care to look up where we were a year ago.

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4 thoughts on “Share This Fun Boondocking Video Quiz to Reveal Answer”

  1. There are two things in this world that everybody loves: a good quiz and Johnny Cash! There, I said it and feel better for it. I can’t say where this local might be geographically but I can tell where it isn’t – Compton in southern California.
    Have you ever tried to breath in Compton? It’s easier to breathe under water.

    Looks and sounds very sweet. Hell, I’d walk around naked all day and swat flies off my monkey butt if given the opportunity to visit such a place.

    You may want to keep this serene river valley a secret Jimbo / Rene?

    Enrico strikes but with a gentle swat against his white monkey butt!


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