Score Beachfront Property with Passport America Camping Club Membership

RVing is one of the cheapest ways to enjoy prime real estate, especially in California where astronomical coastal properties are out of reach of most ordinary people. We found that one way to experience the best of California beach camping without the hefty price tag is through our Passport America camping club membership.

Once again our $44 yearly Passport America membership has paid for itself. Last Tuesday after a sad goodbye to my family in Los Angeles, we headed south to San Diego to see Tripawds friends.

Our destination was Mission Bay RV Resort, which offers 50 percent savings to Passport members during winter. This coastal campground is normally $50 a night for a bare bones back-in RV site, but with our Passport America membership we got our sweet spot for half off!

Many of Passport’s affiliated RV parks are located in smaller towns that want to attract more tourists, but oftentimes you’ll find gems like these in major destinations.

passport americaWe’re always super frugal about paying for campgrounds, but since joining Passport in 2008, we’ve never once regretted spending the money on this membership. It always seems to come in handy whenever we need full hookups.

If you’re on the road and haven’t joined this club, do it today. I guarantee you a Passport America membership will pay for itself the very first time you use it!


9 thoughts on “Score Beachfront Property with Passport America Camping Club Membership”

  1. Yo, yo, yo, I’m doing the disappointment dance here in Newport Beach, CA, how come you didn’t stay at the “Dunes” in Newport? Think about it, RV’ing on a private lagoon with easy bike access to the beach, bars, and bedlam?

    Newport isn’t all Bentleys, white teeth, small yet well groomed dogs, and indulged ex-wives, it’s also got a subculture where rusty VWs are parked outside of breakfast houses that serve $8 meals.

    Sure, it’s got gum-snapping and over entitled youth texting away like chickens scratching for corn under their feces, but even so, it’s got it’s funk and timeless groovyness like any other community whose history is rapidly easing into that industrialized tourism future. Just not feeling the aloha you two!

    You think about it and then look into your sad puppy’s eyes because you didn’t stay the night in Newport Beach, California!

    Eric laments again…

    • Really? The Dunes? I’m not sure they would allow the riff raff like us in there, and with our purebred dog lacking papers AND a fourth leg, I’m certain of it!

      Come on out to the Slabs, we’ll be there next week.

  2. Rene:
    We like Passport America too, for the same reasons.
    Believe it or not, Bob and I have been on the boat in Fort Pierce, FL for 3 nights now, and we were just packing up to go to the Saturday Farmer’s Market when I got your email suggesting we do just that — what a hoot! We took our appetites and had a blast there. We also met your friend Theresa at Lucky Onion and her husband Brian — nice folks. I forgot my camera or would have taken a photo of the 4 of us together to send you. We bought 4 of their dip packets, all of which are delicious, just as you said (free tastings, yummm!) They’ve bought their truck to begin their RVing lifestyle with a 5th wheel, but have not yet bought the RV. But they’re excited about their plans (as I’m sure you know) and we enjoyed the ol’ “Six Degrees of Separation” thing — friends of friends running into each other across the country. Isn’t RVing and blogging great???
    Hugs, Cathryn

    • Oh my gosh Cathryn that is so cool you got to meet them! Jim and I still haven’t had the chance, even though we worked at the same market. We never “met” until Theresa contacted us online about fulltiming…not realizing we were working FP at the same time. We missed each other by about a month after our gig in FP was over.

      I’m so glad you met those two. They need to take their show on the road, they’ve been talking about it for so long. I’m sure you inspired them to take action!

      Yeah, six degrees is more like three these days. I love it!

    • OMD are you kidding? Shoot! We just left yesterday. Polly will LOVE Fiesta but be warned it’s crazy on the weekends. We went on a Wednesday and it was perfect.

      We are boondocking on freebie land near Borrego Springs for a while, at least a week. Come on out, you’ll love it here.


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