Evolution of a Lifestyle Design Blog

We first started this blog as a marketing tool to sell our home based graphics business back in 2007, promoting it as the dream live/work opportunity.

After hitting the road, we started blogging about our adventures, reviewing campgrounds, and searching for the best biscuits and gravy.

For nearly three years, LiveWorkDream was our full-time RVing sabbatical blog as we searched for the perfect mountain property to call our summer home.

As seasonal snowbirds, the blog became a place to write about both our life in the mountains and the trials and tribulations of RVing.

After listening to Tim Ferriss, I realized he had coined the term I was looking for to label the new focus of our ramblings here at LiveWorkDream.com: Lifestyle Design.

After all, this is what we’ve been doing all along – creating our own reality, taking charge of our destiny, designing our own lifestyle.

In line with our new business venture, going forward we will share our lifestyle choices and the strategies we implement to stay on our path to total wellness and financial freedom. Please stick around and enjoy the ride.

This isn’t to say we won’t keep looking for tasty biscuits, or sharing any RV mishaps that we may encounter. But we’ll also review health and wellness products, and share our methods of making money on the road so others can do the same. What exactly would you like to hear about from us?

6 thoughts on “Evolution of a Lifestyle Design Blog”

  1. Agreed! Brian and I read Tim Ferris 2.5 years prior to going on the road. He made me understand (along with Robert Kiyosaki) that we can be whoever we want to be and do whatever we want to do. Sounds corny, but a lot of people think they have to do a 9-5, that’s just not us. Once the opportunity of RVing presented itself, it was a no-brainer. Ferris has a whole chapter on getting rid of your fears to take the next step, I didn’t need that, I was already convinced. Luckily Brian was too and one month later we found Stanley.

    I would be very interested hearing more about your arrangements with product reviews and resells, as well as how you structure ad sales and affiliate programs. I’m still trying to figure out the right wording when approaching the subject with our craft beer partners.

    • Thanks for the comment Maria! Sorry for the delayed reply. All of our monitization efforts here at LiveWorkDream are done through affiliate partnerships via Googler, Amazon, TLA (text-link-ads.com), Commission Junction (cj.com), or Share-A-Sale (shareasale.com). Check out our Tripawds Advertising page for info about how we solicit direct advertising arrangements over there.

  2. Glad to hear the my suggestion of The Four Hour Workweek inspired you & changed your life! Yes, Timothy Ferris has packed more into that small volume then hundreds of other books on similar subjects!


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